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Basic Planning For Your Bathroom Vanity

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

 Unique Bathroom Vanity

When was the last time you really checked your bathroom vanity? Many of us are concerned about the appearance of our home, but rarely our bathroom vanities. It would definitely make sense to include the vanity as part of our interior motives; after all, we use it more than we realize. When planning on having a bathroom remodeled or newly built, there are some things to consider. Think about how much space you have, what design and style you want, and the best materials to use.

Ceramic Bathroom Vanity 


Space is a very important factor you should consider. Bathrooms tend to be tight or cluttered, so be careful in choosing your fixtures. Remodel based on your comfort. Even if you have massive, beautifully carved European cabinets and mirror, placing them in a tiny space will make them look awkward and you’ll feel claustrophobic. Design and style matters a lot when working with your bathroom space and will be exemplified below.

Design and Style

Design and style matters because you’ll be using your bathroom all the time. So choose according to your personality over what your peers or the salespeople tell you. Consider what’s aesthetically pleasing to you, if you like more or less detail, etc. You can choose from traditional, Victorian, modern and contemporary designs. Since modern styles are often more compact and have cleaner lines, they are great for smaller bathrooms. If you’re only replacing your bathroom vanities, remember to complement your walls and flooring.

Secondly, think about trends twice. Today, there are so many modern, hip and extremely affordable designs to choose from. Modern colors you’ll notice are avocado green, crimson red, and black. However trendy, realize you’ll be having your bathroom for a long time. You might want to check out designs that last a lifetime. For example, you can always go with muted colors like light beige, off-white or butter yellow.


No matter what design and style you go with, durability is important. Consider stain resistance, scratch resistance and water resistance. You don’t have to have all these qualities in one fixture, just base your decision on what you’re very particular about. Some materials available are wood, stone and glass.

Wood is extremely versatile. It has such a wide variety of colors, and its textures can be quite exquisite. For instance, the finish can be distressed to appear antiqued. Stone tops like the granite ones are extremely durable and can give that luxurious appeal. Using glass in fixtures is a very modern approach. It gives a clean and crisp look to any bathroom. Other adventurous materials you can check out are concrete and steel.

Planning your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If budget is on top of your priority list, there are now ways to cut down the costs. For instance, a wooden look can now be achieved with lamination and fiberglass can appear like real glass. In fact, inexpensive techniques can simulate just about any material these days. Just remember some expensive materials like the low-maintenance and stronger ones can last longer than others. This means they can also be advantageous in the long run.

30 Bathroom Vanity
30 Bathroom Vanity
Converted Antique Bathroom Vanity
Converted Antique Bathroom Vanity
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Bathroom Vanity Cabinets
Palermo Bathroom Vanity
Palermo Bathroom Vanity
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Bathroom Vanity Sets

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Bathroom remodeling is both challenging and rewarding. Once all is done, you’ll be surprised just how much you can benefit from a successful project. A great bathroom can help you relax and simply indulge in luxury. Read on for basic remodeling ideas.

Black Bathroom Vanity 


The faucet is typically the focal point of the bathroom. Two-handle faucets allow you to have hot and cold controls. A single handle can be conveniently swung from top to bottom for flow control and left to right for temperature control. There are lengthy, arching goosenecks that are sleek and handy for filling tall containers. Look for designs that suit your taste and overall comfort.

To add an interesting touch, use enamel coatings. These come in a wide variety of colors. Stainless steel finishes are more expensive but these are also more durable. Ask suppliers about scratch, stain and water resistant finishes. There are actually finishes that are brushed and disguise scratches well.

Your sink needs to go with the spout and handle. A common material used is ceramic, but now you can choose from steel and glass (these are great for modern/contemporary bathrooms). Countertops come in a wide range of materials too, such as granite, concrete and fiberglass.

Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror should go well with your faucet or countertop. For instance, if your countertop is wooden, it’s best to have a mirror with a wooden frame. Chrome edged mirrors are the most affordable and are best for covering an entire wall where the faucet is located. These will make any bathroom larger in appearance. For more texture, choose beveled mirrors, which are “chiseled” on the sides for that elegant look. Make sure your vanity mirror isn’t too big or too small for your faucet/countertop.

Shower Stall And Bathtubs

The shower stall shouldn’t be overlooked in a bathroom remodeling plan. To create more space in your bathroom, you can have a shower-bathtub combination or shower stall with sliding doors. If you want a bathtub, consider its size and the overall design of your bathroom. Think about how many people can use it and of course how comfortable it will be for you. If you have an antique bathroom design, go for a porcelain claw-foot tub to match. A built-in bathtub looks great with modern bathrooms.


There are tons of tiles to choose from. For that traditional look, choose harlequin patterns in almost any color combination you prefer. Bold combinations include black and white and other contrasting colors. For that natural, outdoorsy look, choose stone tiles. These have great texture and do not require occasional polishing. If you’re concerned about budget, don’t worry. Cheaper materials can now mimic the more expensive tile materials.


Lighting really matters in a bathroom. You’d want to be able to feel great in front of your vanity mirror. First, make sure lighting is bright enough for you to use your mirror properly (for shaving/putting on makeup) and pleasant enough that it won’t make your skin look pale or greenish. So instead of using fluorescent lights, try incandescent bulbs.

Furthermore, spread lighting all over your bathroom to prevent shadowing. You can install fixtures on both sides of your mirror or use interesting hanging fixtures. Remember your lighting fixtures should also match other bathroom fixtures.

Now that you have some bathroom remodeling ideas, start shopping around. You can search for the best suppliers online. Suppliers now offer remodeling kits to make the job much easier. Whatever your plan is, remember your taste and comfort is what matters most.


Bathroom Cabinet Countertops Cost-Marble Formica or Granite With Sinks

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

One of the things that some people do not consider when they are shopping for bathroom vanity countertops is the cost of the sink. This is something that needs to be considered if you are working on a middle class income. Cultured marble tops generally have the sinks molded into the tops form already. Of the three, granite, Formica or cultured marble having the sink already formed into the top, which one is a less expensive route to take.
Obviously, there really is no comparison with the cost of a granite countertop in relation to a plastic laminate Formica counter. The granite top is generally going to cost more unless you find a steel of a deal at Home Depot or from a stone countertop manufacture.
Sometimes by getting on the phone and calling around town to local top suppliers, a defective one can be found for a great price. The biggest disadvantage to this is that you have to work with the design and make your cabinets fit the top.

Here’s the countertop cost breakdown
1) Plastic laminate tops with sinks are more expensive than cultured marble ones with a sink. This calculation takes into consideration the costs associated with hiring a plumber to install the sink into the Formica top.

2) The cost of granite with a sink is going to be more than Formica or cultured marble.

Bathroom vanity tops come in many selections and price ranges. What the final cost turns out to be will be directly related to the cost of the sinks and hiring a professional plumber to install them.