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Excellent bathroom remodeling ideas

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathroom Vanity Set 

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Can Make Big Difference

There were some homes built that contain a bathroom that seems to have been an afterthought in the construction process. Many are no bigger than a small walk-in closet and when the time comes, homeowners may be looking for some small bathroom remodeling ideas to make it more user-friendly. They may be tired of banging their elbows on the wall when they try to comb their hair or have to keep the towels in another room so they are looking for small bathroom remodeling ideas to help make it easier and more convenient.

Acquiring an extra few feet of floor space in your small bathroom is possible, it is al according to what you have in your bathroom now, if you have a bathtub in your bathroom you can gain some space by ripping out the tub and replacing it with a newly installed shower stall. The extra floor gained by using these small bathroom remodeling ideas can allow for the installation of a small cabinet or dresser in which to store towels and other personal items used in the bathroom.

There are also small bathroom remodeling ideas that can make the room appear larger than it really is such as using light colors on the walls and on any window coverings. Additionally, if possible a shade or mini-blind that fits into the window instead of attaching to the outer trim of the window can make the room appear bigger. Vertical lines can also make the room appear larger while heavy horizontal lines can make it feel smaller.

Remove Unnecessary Cabinets And Walls

Many of the smaller bathrooms were built with a dividing wall to separate the commode from the rest of the bathroom. I understand that it seemed like a very good idea at the moment, but most small bathroom remodeling ideas consider removing everything in the room to provide more room in the overall planning. When you talk about dividers and a very small bathroom i would say that most of the time you will have no more than one person in the bathroom at one time so adding in a divider probably is not a good idea as it would only take up more space.

It may be necessary to trim some space from an adjacent room and expand the bathroom, and many small bathroom remodeling ideas include this prospect. Having a small bathroom when you are doing a remodel can be very frustrating, what you want to try to do from the beginning is save a space about 6 to 12 inches along just one wall in your bathroom, this will save a considerable amount of space in a small bathroom remodel. Before you fail at this make sure that you always use cabinets that are built into the wall, never use cabinets that mount to the wall. The floor space that you have is never going to change, but the idea is to not use any more of it up than you absolutely have to.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Bathroom remodeling is both challenging and rewarding. Once all is done, you’ll be surprised just how much you can benefit from a successful project. A great bathroom can help you relax and simply indulge in luxury. Read on for basic remodeling ideas.

Black Bathroom Vanity 


The faucet is typically the focal point of the bathroom. Two-handle faucets allow you to have hot and cold controls. A single handle can be conveniently swung from top to bottom for flow control and left to right for temperature control. There are lengthy, arching goosenecks that are sleek and handy for filling tall containers. Look for designs that suit your taste and overall comfort.

To add an interesting touch, use enamel coatings. These come in a wide variety of colors. Stainless steel finishes are more expensive but these are also more durable. Ask suppliers about scratch, stain and water resistant finishes. There are actually finishes that are brushed and disguise scratches well.

Your sink needs to go with the spout and handle. A common material used is ceramic, but now you can choose from steel and glass (these are great for modern/contemporary bathrooms). Countertops come in a wide range of materials too, such as granite, concrete and fiberglass.

Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror should go well with your faucet or countertop. For instance, if your countertop is wooden, it’s best to have a mirror with a wooden frame. Chrome edged mirrors are the most affordable and are best for covering an entire wall where the faucet is located. These will make any bathroom larger in appearance. For more texture, choose beveled mirrors, which are “chiseled” on the sides for that elegant look. Make sure your vanity mirror isn’t too big or too small for your faucet/countertop.

Shower Stall And Bathtubs

The shower stall shouldn’t be overlooked in a bathroom remodeling plan. To create more space in your bathroom, you can have a shower-bathtub combination or shower stall with sliding doors. If you want a bathtub, consider its size and the overall design of your bathroom. Think about how many people can use it and of course how comfortable it will be for you. If you have an antique bathroom design, go for a porcelain claw-foot tub to match. A built-in bathtub looks great with modern bathrooms.


There are tons of tiles to choose from. For that traditional look, choose harlequin patterns in almost any color combination you prefer. Bold combinations include black and white and other contrasting colors. For that natural, outdoorsy look, choose stone tiles. These have great texture and do not require occasional polishing. If you’re concerned about budget, don’t worry. Cheaper materials can now mimic the more expensive tile materials.


Lighting really matters in a bathroom. You’d want to be able to feel great in front of your vanity mirror. First, make sure lighting is bright enough for you to use your mirror properly (for shaving/putting on makeup) and pleasant enough that it won’t make your skin look pale or greenish. So instead of using fluorescent lights, try incandescent bulbs.

Furthermore, spread lighting all over your bathroom to prevent shadowing. You can install fixtures on both sides of your mirror or use interesting hanging fixtures. Remember your lighting fixtures should also match other bathroom fixtures.

Now that you have some bathroom remodeling ideas, start shopping around. You can search for the best suppliers online. Suppliers now offer remodeling kits to make the job much easier. Whatever your plan is, remember your taste and comfort is what matters most.


Bathroom Cabinet Countertops Cost-Marble Formica or Granite With Sinks

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

One of the things that some people do not consider when they are shopping for bathroom vanity countertops is the cost of the sink. This is something that needs to be considered if you are working on a middle class income. Cultured marble tops generally have the sinks molded into the tops form already. Of the three, granite, Formica or cultured marble having the sink already formed into the top, which one is a less expensive route to take.
Obviously, there really is no comparison with the cost of a granite countertop in relation to a plastic laminate Formica counter. The granite top is generally going to cost more unless you find a steel of a deal at Home Depot or from a stone countertop manufacture.
Sometimes by getting on the phone and calling around town to local top suppliers, a defective one can be found for a great price. The biggest disadvantage to this is that you have to work with the design and make your cabinets fit the top.

Here’s the countertop cost breakdown
1) Plastic laminate tops with sinks are more expensive than cultured marble ones with a sink. This calculation takes into consideration the costs associated with hiring a plumber to install the sink into the Formica top.

2) The cost of granite with a sink is going to be more than Formica or cultured marble.

Bathroom vanity tops come in many selections and price ranges. What the final cost turns out to be will be directly related to the cost of the sinks and hiring a professional plumber to install them.


The Contemporary Style – Corner Glass Vessel Sink Vanity

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

The Contemporary-Style 23” Balboa Corner Glass Vessel Sink Vanity

Modern bathroom design has been steadily transitioning into a “simple is better” mentality over the last decade, and bathroom vanities have been following a similar trend. Take, for instance, the 23” Balboa corner vanity. Simultaneously striking and subtle in its design, the Balboa does seem to attract attention. But that’s the interesting thing about it: the Balboa doesn’t really try to attract attention. Modern vanities tend to maximize your space, at the cost of sacrificing all those extraneous design flourishes. It should be noted that most modern bathroom vanities are very eye-catching despite their simple design, and the Balboa is no exception. Its wedge-shaped countertop is made from clear tempered glass, and its round edge is very smooth. The shape and choice of material for this vanity is very effective, and the Balboa will really draw attention to any corner it’s installed in.

The Balboa is a wall mounted bathroom vanity, which adds to its visual appeal but also gives you plenty of leg room (or storage space) underneath the countertop. The Balboa is not equipped with shelving space, as is the trend with many contemporary bathroom vanities. This means if you’re an organization fanatic, you may want to find a vanity that better suits your needs. A towel rack is provided, however, and the built-in vessel sink does leave some countertop space for your toiletries. Overall, the Balboa is a great example of modern design principles in the contemporary bathroom, and its relatively low cost (about $480 at Bathgems) makes it a fine addition to any home. You can find more information about this product by clicking here.

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Bathroom Simplicity and Style : Lilac Bathroom Sets

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Bathroom Simplicity and Style : ‘Lilac’ Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus

Aquaplus Solutions redefines elegance in teenage colors by launching the “Lilac” bathroom design. Suitable for teenager girls or for young ladies that want their own very special powder room, “Lilac” not only comes with a fresh view on bathroom furniture, but also provides the female-owner with a certain joy of possession. Just imagine how entering this classy interior every morning must feel. Although quite fancy and luxurious, the set maintains a feeling of simplicity and elegance. Some items in these particular pictures are organized in pairs, which inspires order and cleanness. However, you can decide for yourself what piece goes where and choose your own arrangement. With such amazing elements to fit into place, there is practically no way you can go wrong


The “Lilac” set seems organized up to its smallest details. These are perfectly combined in creating a complete and pleasant bathroom experience. The pink rugs and towels on the floor add up to the impression of softness, because, after all… this is a bathroom for girls. This innovative set includes a shower tray (1200mm-by-80mm or 1400-by-80mm which costs 585 British pounds), the Lilac bidet and toilet (priced around 305 BP) and the Fly washbasin (starting from 585 BP). You can get them all at once, or just order the items that you like most and embed them in a bathroom design of your own.


We hope we have given you enough information about this simple and yet fascinating bathroom arrangement. However, for more details or for ordering some of these products online feel free to visit Aquaplus Solutions.

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for the Contemporary Home

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

When it comes to contemporary home design finding bathroom remodeling ideas seems to be hit or miss. As I research this subject I often find more traditional solutions or even “touch up” jobs. One great aspect about working for Furniture Fashion is the amount of time I spend discovering new companies and products. These ideas are design or makeover examples from a German company called Alape. Alape has been in the business for over 120 years doing bathroom design for both residential and commercial installations. Whether you are seeking a remodeling or initial build, I would encourage you to research all the possibilities out there. Here is a link to their photo gallery.




Zen: 5 Contemporary Bathroom Sinks

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Finding the perfect Zen-style contemporary design for your new sink can be a daunting task – you want striking but not overdramatic. And too many remodeling companies are stuck in the traditional mode, churning out the same old run-of-the-mill basic designs. But with a little digging, I discovered the hottest products that displayed extreme simplification of form and design.


The Liaison sink basin from Villeroy & Boch


If this basin isn’t Zen, then I need bifocals. It’s an amazing work of art with teal glass and white ceramics melding into one. It makes me want to go skinny dipping in a mountain lake.


GSC Ceramic Design


This line of neoteric wash basins brings a little zest to the bathroom with the bold, colorful green, brown, pink, black, purple and red sinks. They’re smart, functional and take up very little space.


Avant-Garde line by Alape

This German company obviously understands the true concept of architectural bathrooms. Sleek and modern yet natural and efficient – a perfect balance. The cool, black basins combined with the wall-mounted, steel faucets and gray concrete countertop balance harmoniously with the wood-drawer vanity.

Hot & cold

Another beautiful sink and vanity by Alape. I love the coolness of the steel counter and black countertop mixed with the sparkling, white, chunky cube basin. Design-wise, the whole picture gives a good idea of blending warm and cool colors together for contrast and balance.


Just when I think I’ve seen enough from Alape, I find something else worth getting excited over. Check out this awesome minimalist sink. If I had this in my bathroom, I’d actually be able to move around. They did a beautiful job blending the cool steel Zen faucet and mini towel rack with the white basin and shelf.