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Colorful Industrial Style

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Colorful Industrial Style

For a stylish industrial-chic look on a budget, shop for particle board or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cabinets covered with Thermofoil or melamine. Thermofoil gives the look of paint, including high-gloss lacquer effects like the cabinets shown here, without the drips or brush marks. It’s made by fusing thin vinyl onto the substrate with heat. Melamine is a plastic made from resin, pressed wood, and paper and is designed to be relatively maintenance free. To present a sleek wall of color, the cabinet drawers and doors in this kitchen were installed without hardware. The units rest on baseboards made from aluminum bought from a metal supply shop.


Sleek Transitional Style

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Sleek Transitional Style

You can have the best of both traditional and contemporary style with cabinetry based on Shaker-style construction. Recessed panels inside flat-face frames boast traditional and contemporary characteristics. These cheery white cabinets set against subway tile backsplashes and fluted glass doors capture a vintage flavor, while brushed-nickel rod pulls and handles complimenting stainless-steel appliances push the look toward contemporary. The substantial island underscores the look, with a deep walnut-finish base that tips it hat to both warm traditional and sleek urban styles, while scrolled bar-counter supports balance the clean-lined quartz countertop.



Contemporary kitchen cabinetry

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Contemporary kitchen cabinetry

A lift-up door tracks back into the cabinetry, revealing the microwave. Concealing countertop appliances in this way preserves the clean lines of this contemporary kitchen.




Apartment Kitchen

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Apartment Kitchen

An editor’s tiny apartment still manages big style. The original outmoded cabinetry is turned modern: The cabinet doors were removed and then painted white. The backs of the shelves were painted the same blue as the walls. Removing the doors made the kitchen feel more open. Food is stored in the white canisters on the shelves and the large storage boxes above hold platters and holiday decorations.

Kitchen Whites

To achieve a feeling of openness, the owner of this Chicago townhouse washed the kitchen in a clean, pale palette.


Kitchen corner cabinet – how to find the right model

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Kitchen corner cabinet – how to find the right model

If you decide to plan your kitchen for a kitchen corner Cabinet, you can exploit the large storage space in a corner. There are several models in different sizes. To the Guide

The kitchen corner cabinet offers you the possibility to exploit the deep storage space in the corner completely. Alternatively, you could make two simple cabinets around the corner and close with a worktop. Then the corner would remain empty and valuable storage space would be lost. If you decide for a kitchen corner Cabinet, you have a choice of different models. However, the different colors, sizes and features are dependent on the type of cuisine.

Select the kitchen corner cabinet in the right size

Measure out exactly the two thighs, linking the kitchen corner cabinet. Be careful that a corner Cabinet on both sides of the wall space needed. You can measure the two fork dimensions of the cabinet can be found

1.Common dimensions for a corner cabinet are 90 x 90 cm or 120x60cm. You’ll see that the cabinets not only in the level, but also in the optics differ: the square corner units have a folding door, the rectangular are provided in most cases with a normal cabinet door and stand out visually not as a corner cabinet.

2. Select an advantageous Interior If you choose a corner cabinet with fixed shelves, you need to expect that you have stowed away on the utensils, in the deep rear of the rack, very difficult approach.

1. Invest the higher price and opt for a corner cabinet with a built-in carousel. This takes advantage of optimum use of the storage space and you can very well reach.

2. everything is stowed very nice, a corner cabinet for the kitchen can be used for pots and pans because he has a very large storage room to the rear. If you choose a model with a pull-out carousel, you come up with a simple twisting motion very well on the pots and pans.


Jackson Kitchen Designs

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Jackson Kitchen Designs offers a wide variety of leading brands to accommodate the style and budget of our customers.


  • Wood-Mode
  • Brookhaven
  • Cabico
  • Schrock
  • Merillat

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Caesarstone
  • Silestone
  • ComPac
  • Corian
  • Butcher Block
  • Wilsonart Laminate
We feature Wood-Mode Cabinets, the nation’s finest cabinetry. This is the brand rated “most recommended” in a national poll of the nation’s top 20,000 decorators, architects, and kitchen and bath professionals. As one of the nation’s top dealers, we have earned Wood-Mode’s Gold Star of Excellence and have featured their cabinetry for more than 40 years. Because of this performance, there are some kitchen cabinet designs so new that you can’t see them in any showroom anywhere else.

Jackson Kitchen Designs is a member of NKBA, the industry’s most respected organization.

Jackson Kitchen Designs

Jackson Kitchen Designs provides service to Southern NH, the Merrimack Valley, Greater Lowell and North Shore Area including such towns as No. Andover, Andover, Methuen, Boxford,
Georgetown, Middleton, North Reading, Reading, Haverhill, Bradford, Topsfield, Ipswich, Newbury, Newburyport, Hamilton, Wenham, and Marblehead.


Small Kitchen Remodeling

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Small Kitchen Remodeling

Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips – 4 Helpful Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger


Small Kitchen Remodeling. If you have a small kitchen and you want to make it look bigger than it normally is, you can. This article looks at three very important tips that can help in giving that small kitchen of yours the big look it needs and make it actually more spacious than it really is.

1. Use light colors: As hard as it seems to believe there are certain colors that help to give the visual impression of more space. And these are light colors. So, if you need to make your small kitchen appear bigger, use light colors instead of dark colors. Dark colors are said to reduce the size of a room or kitchen and are therefore not the best types to use when you want your kitchen to look bigger.

2. Use customized cabinets: Using customized cabinets help you save space in your kitchen more than if you had to buy and install just about any cabinet. By using customized ones you make them based on the space you have available. Customized in this sense means that they are made to fit the particular space in your kitchen and not the other way around. In this case they have to be made after the measurements of your kitchen are taken, so that they will be made really to fit.

3. Use customized furniture: Since you don’t have too much space in your kitchen, using customized furniture helps you save space. Such customized-furniture will be built mainly to take up particular space in the kitchen. With this also, the exact measurements of the space where they will be have to be taken and the furniture made to really fit into that space.

4. Maximize storage space: Ensure that every space is used in such a way that it serves dual function. For example, the bottom of the sink can be used as a spot for storing things. Since you don’t have a lot of space you shouldn’t waste any. Every space that is available will serve one purpose or another.

Do the above and you will be shocked to see your previously small kitchen now looking much bigger than it really is. And yes, it will then be able to take more things than it did before doing the above. And trust me – many of your friends who previously told you that your kitchen is too small will marvel at how big it now looks after you have done the above. And who knows – you might end up becoming a kind of “go to person” when it comes to making a small kitchen look big without necessarily increasing the space.


Antique Kitchen Cabinets

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Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Maple Kitchen Furnitures 

The one thing about antique kitchen cabinets is that they have never gone out of style and likely never will, no matter what other types of décor move in and out of the current trends. 

Even with the latest in technological developments, electrical appliances, tools, gadgets, and fashionable colors, these, just like country kitchen cabinets, will always have their place in the room that is the true heart of most homes.  The difference that the older style makes is that even with all of the modern accessories, it still has charm and appeal, while never looking out of place. 

Antique kitchen cabinets can seem perfectly right even when hanging next to microwave ovens, digital coffee makers, and an electric hand mixer.  In fact, they have the ability to calm the overall stark and harsh appearance that all of these technological pieces can often bring about with their shining plastics and stainless steel. While your room still remains functional, it also keeps a comfortable overall feeling because of the border of the cupboard style.

This means that when you decide on antique kitchen cabinets, you can still design the rest of the room exactly as you’d like it to be.  Even if you choose colder elements, you can be reassured that the cupboard doors will keep the room from becoming uninviting.

Antique Kitchen Cabinets – Where To Find Them

So now that you’ve decided that antique kitchen cabinets are for you, where do you go about finding them so that you can select the precise look for your own home?  The answer to this question is multifaceted.  After all, you can buy actual pieces from times past, making sure that they have been well maintained so that you won’t be investing in problems.  Or, you can buy brand new ones that have been specially designed and “antiqued” to look as though you’ve had these cupboards since a time long ago when things were still lovingly and simply built.

Your third option is to have a look at what you currently have and decide whether you can turn those into the style of antique kitchen cabinets or antique country kitchen cabinets without actually replacing anything.  Often, all you need is a stain in a dark color and the right kind of hardware such as hinges, knobs, and drawer pulls. 

If staining isn’t the look you’re going for, then distressing can also give that feeling of a piece that has gracefully aged throughout the years.  This has to do with sanding down wooden country kitchen cabinets instead of adding color to the wood that you then fade out.  There are many techniques for doing this.  If you aren’t certain how, you can look up helpful guides online or talk to someone at a home renovation store who may be able to show you how.

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KBC kitchens

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Welcome to KBC kitchens limited. Right now your kitchen is a blank sheet. This may be because you’re open to ideas, or because you simply don’t know where to start. Either way, you’re in the right place.


We have an extensive range of fitted kitchens in Contemporary, Modern and Classic styles to ensure you find the kitchen design that suits you. KBC kitchens Limited are one of Ireland’s Bestselling Fitted Kitchens. We specialize in both bespoke design kitchens and also carry a large range of less expensive cash and carry type kitchen options. Browse our online showroom to create an idea of how your kitchen will look like.  
At KBC Kitchens we pride ourselves on are dedication to achieving the highest standards in kitchen design, with style, functionality & value for money being the key components.

Drawing from a wide range of suppliers, using the highest quality materials available, we are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality kitchens. We can also offer an optional service for plumbing, electrical & tiling which may be required when installing a new kitchen. Please contact our sales representatives for further information.


redoing kitchen cabinet doors

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Why buy new kitchen cabinet doors?

If you have an old home and are thinking about redoing your kitchen you should consider making an investment in the labor (yours or someone else) by fixing or refinishing your old Kitchen Cabinet Door, rather than opting for all new kitchen cabinets & doors. In addition to the savings on labor cost you may also be able to retain the quality of older wooden cabinets because they typically used hand crafted quality wood years ago. It is not uncommon for older kitchens to contain solid oak kitchen cabinet doors which are often a little more steady than today’s wooden cabinet doors; current doors often fall apart or easily splinter. Kitchen cabinet doors are available in many types of wood such as cherry, birch red oak, hard maple, poplar & pine. That was typical of the older kitchen cupboard and is not typical of today cabinets unless you pay an outrageous price for customization. Unfortunately newer cabinet doors are basically particle board or chipboard compressed together so you don’t have to worry about the finish of the kitchen doors. Kitchen cabinet doors are an attractive, durable solution to your re-facing project. If you want the luster of the “new” kitchen feeling you may just want to purchase new granite counter tops while retaining the old quality wood.Office Furnitures , Bolt Nut

White Cabinet Doors 

Ideas for the modern look

If you choose to replace your kitchen cabinets you can use the most expensive materials to make your kitchen cabinets or you can use the least expensive ones. If you’re interested in saving money you can start by removing all of your older cabinet doors and stripping and sanding the exterior of you kitchen cabinets. If you can strip it down to bare wood you have the ability to stain and bring your doors back to life with something nice and possibly antique. Since you will be taking the time to take the doors off you should also change out the hinges or rotate the hinges. The reason behind rotating hinges is some kitchen doors are used more than others, rotating the hinges prevents wear and tear on one particular set and allows them last longer. One of the problems people face when connecting the doors back to the cabinets is the spacing between the door and the actual cabinet. To ensure proper spacing you need to carefully mark all of the sink holes in the current cabinets. If you still want the new kitchen look you can always upgrade to a new sink and granite or slate counter tops while keeping the original sturdy wood that typically is not available to consumers at a reasonable price