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Kitchen corner cabinet – how to find the right model

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Kitchen corner cabinet – how to find the right model

If you decide to plan your kitchen for a kitchen corner Cabinet, you can exploit the large storage space in a corner. There are several models in different sizes. To the Guide

The kitchen corner cabinet offers you the possibility to exploit the deep storage space in the corner completely. Alternatively, you could make two simple cabinets around the corner and close with a worktop. Then the corner would remain empty and valuable storage space would be lost. If you decide for a kitchen corner Cabinet, you have a choice of different models. However, the different colors, sizes and features are dependent on the type of cuisine.

Select the kitchen corner cabinet in the right size

Measure out exactly the two thighs, linking the kitchen corner cabinet. Be careful that a corner Cabinet on both sides of the wall space needed. You can measure the two fork dimensions of the cabinet can be found

1.Common dimensions for a corner cabinet are 90 x 90 cm or 120x60cm. You’ll see that the cabinets not only in the level, but also in the optics differ: the square corner units have a folding door, the rectangular are provided in most cases with a normal cabinet door and stand out visually not as a corner cabinet.

2. Select an advantageous Interior If you choose a corner cabinet with fixed shelves, you need to expect that you have stowed away on the utensils, in the deep rear of the rack, very difficult approach.

1. Invest the higher price and opt for a corner cabinet with a built-in carousel. This takes advantage of optimum use of the storage space and you can very well reach.

2. everything is stowed very nice, a corner cabinet for the kitchen can be used for pots and pans because he has a very large storage room to the rear. If you choose a model with a pull-out carousel, you come up with a simple twisting motion very well on the pots and pans.