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What Is a Modern Kitchen Cabinet?

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

What Is a Modern Kitchen Cabinet?

A modern kitchen cabinet is the opposite of a traditional style of cupboard. Traditional cabinet styles tend to be ornate, while modern kitchen cabinets are always clean-lined. Traditional kitchen cabinets are usually made of wood with trim or detail added. A modern kitchen cabinet may be in any material or color, but it always has a clean, fresh look.

Most modern kitchen cabinet styles are frameless. Frameless cabinet doors tend not to have bevelled, or thick padded, edges. A modern kitchen cabinet design usually features a smooth surface, although some wood cabinets may have slats of wood positioned together. If this is the case, the wood is often stained all one color. Traditional kitchen cabinet styles almost always open vertically. A modern kitchen cabinet design may feature sliding cupboard doors or a door type that opens from bottom to top much like the overhead storage on airplanes.

The handles on modern kitchen cabinets are simple rather than embellished. The hinges also tend to be plain if they show. Modern cabinet door pull styles range from square plain wood knobs to very thin metal bars. Detailed knobs such as floral ceramic styles or large embossed metal pieces aren’t likely to be found on modern kitchen cupboards.

Woods used for cabinets for modern kitchens are likely to be smooth in graining. Knotty pine is much too rustic for a modern look. Dark or light woods can be used for a modern kitchen cabinet style if the overall look is clean. Cherry is a popular wood for modern cupboards. Dark cherry gives cabinets an elegant look, while the lighter version is less formal.

Metal is an ideal material for modern kitchen cabinets as it gives cupboards an industrial look. Stainless steel is a popular metal for cabinets as modern appliances and countertops are made from the same material. The cool, smooth look of stainless steel embodies modern style. Colored enamel coated metal cabinets in bright colors such as blue or red are another option for modern kitchens.

Glass doors are common in many modern kitchen cabinet designs. Clear glass cabinet doors allow dishes and other items to be displayed. Opaque types of glass doors such as frosted varieties don’t reveal the stored items as much. Both types of glass doors create an airy look that works well with modern cabinets.


Glass Cabinets

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

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Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets 

It’s time to show off those new wine glasses you got for Christmas.  Why hide them behind a solid cabinet door?  These days more and more homeowners are utilizing glass in their kitchen cabinets to reveal their fine china, glasses and other decorations.  Some styles include an all-glass door while others simply use glass insets built into the door.  The latter is commonly referred to as mullion doors.  Either way, it’s a good way to make use of the light coming into your kitchen and to give it more surfaces to bounce off of.  After all, if you spent so much money on your beautiful cookware and glassware, why hide it?  It’s time to show it off!  Start by getting some ideas on current designs and trends by watching the video by Cabinets TV to your left.

As you may have guessed, there are many options for you when it comes to glass cabinets.  The most important thing to consider is the type of glass itself that you’d like.  Do you want to be able to see through it clearly?  Do you want some sort of texture in the glass?  Perhaps stained glass or a specific design to match your kitchen decor?  All of these options are possible.  As long as the cabinet door is large enough to hold the glass insert you’d like, the design possibilities are endless.  To help you understand the glass options, we have provided a basic list for you below:

Types of Glass

  • Bubbled
    • Just like it sounds-air bubbles injected into the glass
  • Camed
    • Has strips of metal between the pieces of glass
  • Etched
    • Contains unique carved designs in the glass
  • Frosted
    • Looks like frost, makes the glass not as clear
  • Layered
    • Multiple panes of glass
  • Mullion
    • Has strips of wood between the pieces of glass
  • Textured
    • Choose from a variety of textures to accent, textures make the glass less see-thru
  • Stained Glass
    • Multiple design options here-choose colors, objects and designs you’d like in the glass

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of cabinet brands out there that offer extensive lines of glass cabinets.  To research the brand that is best for you, visit our Cabinet Brands section which will give you an overview of what each can offer.  Regardless of who you choose, remember that when it comes to designing the cabinets for your home remember to also keep in mind functionality.  If you have kids who have dirty hands, remember that a clear glass pane on a cabinet is going to show all of their finger prints.  Also, if you decide to go with a stained glass look with specific colors, it is advisable to choose neutral colors in case you’d like to change the overall look of your kitchen in the future.  If you choose wild colors in your glass and you’d like to tame them down a bit, you’ll need to get new glass inserts.  Pick a color or design that you’re comfortable with that and will last for years to come.

Need More Information About Glass Cabinets?

We offer Free Glass Cabinets Quotes from top contractors who are in your local area.  Let us help match you with a pro today to help you with your project.  The process is easy and there are no obligations to purchase.


Kitchen Gallery

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Combining two strong colors, red and black, painted hand-rubbed cabinets and stained patina wall cabinets creates a challenging color coordination. The inclusion of a stainless steel refrigerator helps to soften all the activity in this spacious kitchen.

A copper hammered island countertop adds texture to the bold colors. The enormous wrought iron pot rack and the butcher block cart add to the function and bring the basics of cooking back into focus. This kitchen is full of western whimsy that creates a sunny happy feeling. When working in this room you can’t stop smiling.

A touch of the Tuscan countryside brings this area home. Creature comfort touches for the family pet, along with peak-a-boo windows near the range to view the entryway. A touch if whimsy is detailed by a rooster which brings ones thoughts back to old Italy. An oversized island allows this family ample room for all activities

Combining clean modern lines with a bit of traditional iron makes this a gem. Unique custom door styles draw the eye to details needed in all homes. The painted smooth finishes compliment the soapstone countertops in bringing the rooms together

This log cabin resembles a dacha in the stunning Colorado mountain landscape. The use of natural materials in this double island kitchen accentuates the surrounding beauty.

Limestone countertops with an unfitted early English style cabinet is complemented with worn wood knobs and the antique floor. The copper hood and stainless steel appliances contrast the earthy stone for powerful results.

It is quite the compliment to be asked to participate in a kitchen project where function of the kitchen needs to be considerate of priceless works of art. It became quite a challenge to incorporate all the requested elements to reflect the beauty of each piece, whether it was an appliance, sculpture or furniture piece. The collection of Andy Warhol originals that hang over the fireplace adds to the strength of this uniquely balanced residence, showing how form and function compliment fine art.

Mixing overly wide stiles and rails with clean stainless steel countertops compliment the blending of Modern surfaces. Functional and abundant storage and work surfaces are a must when dealing with a minimalist modern design. The custom colored Pyrolave countertop finishes this out beautifully.

The Dramatic, yet functional design of this kitchen captures an abundance of clean, angular lines and rich, natural materials that harmonize into a cozy atmosphere with incredible views.

The room boasts a neutral palette with deep brown, stained alder cabinets around the perimeter and into the pantry. A slightly rubbed, painted island features raised legs and 3″ thick stone counter. The horizontally placed white bronze hardware accentuates the warm tones of the space.

The 26 six foot high cathedral ceiling with its varying beam heights and structurally necessary elements provided a challenge when designing the space. The decision to extend the cabinetry upward and terminate it under the beams created a sense of continuity with existing architectural elements. The upper glass cabinet doors lighten the visual weight and allow for additional texture.

Irregularly stacked stone niches were created to conceal structural posts which provide a natural backdrop between adjacent rooms and allowed two additional work stations. One station being a wet bar area with under counter appliances and the other entire wall dedicated to the commercial style range and custom copper hood. The PRO 48 was the owner’s only “must have” request and it is undoubtedly the most celebrated element in the kitchen.

Cabinetry from our many selections can adapt to your every taste or desire. From Contemporary or Traditional, built in sinks or custom surrounds, it is all possible with Modern Kitchen Center.