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Contemporary kitchen cabinetry

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Contemporary kitchen cabinetry

A lift-up door tracks back into the cabinetry, revealing the microwave. Concealing countertop appliances in this way preserves the clean lines of this contemporary kitchen.




Transitional Kitchens

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Transitional Kitchens

A tiered island with a two-seat dining top is the centerpiece in this lengthy kitchen. The pear-green-colored soffit gives the room an extra shot of color.

Transitional kitchens include elements of both traditional and contemporary design. Eclectic in nature, they mix natural and man-made materials as well as finishes and textures.


Jackson Kitchen Designs

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Jackson Kitchen Designs offers a wide variety of leading brands to accommodate the style and budget of our customers.


  • Wood-Mode
  • Brookhaven
  • Cabico
  • Schrock
  • Merillat

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Caesarstone
  • Silestone
  • ComPac
  • Corian
  • Butcher Block
  • Wilsonart Laminate
We feature Wood-Mode Cabinets, the nation’s finest cabinetry. This is the brand rated “most recommended” in a national poll of the nation’s top 20,000 decorators, architects, and kitchen and bath professionals. As one of the nation’s top dealers, we have earned Wood-Mode’s Gold Star of Excellence and have featured their cabinetry for more than 40 years. Because of this performance, there are some kitchen cabinet designs so new that you can’t see them in any showroom anywhere else.

Jackson Kitchen Designs is a member of NKBA, the industry’s most respected organization.

Jackson Kitchen Designs

Jackson Kitchen Designs provides service to Southern NH, the Merrimack Valley, Greater Lowell and North Shore Area including such towns as No. Andover, Andover, Methuen, Boxford,
Georgetown, Middleton, North Reading, Reading, Haverhill, Bradford, Topsfield, Ipswich, Newbury, Newburyport, Hamilton, Wenham, and Marblehead.


Updating Kitchen Cabinets

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Sometimes all your cabinets need to give your kitchen a whole new look is a bit of basic repair or a few minor improvements. Changing your pulls, for example, can completely alter the look of cabinetry as can Refacing or Repainting them.

Kitchen Island Furniture 

If your cabinet doors droop or shut poorly, repair or change the hinges. First, try tightening the screws. If a screw won’t tighten, remove it, squirt a little white glue into the hole and insert some broken-up wooden toothpicks to fill it up (wipe off any excess glue). After the glue dries, cut the toothpicks flush with the surface using a utility knife, and drive the screw into the refurbished hole (you may have to drill a small pilot hole first).

Exposed decorative hinges can also add a new design element to your cabinets. Hinges can be found at home improvement centers in virtually every style and size, and in a vast range of materials. You’re sure to find replacements that will both fit your cabinets and perk up their appearance.

If it seems that your cabinet doors are perpetually hanging open, you may want to switch to self-closing hinges, which do not require a separate catch to keep the door closed.

If you have European frameless-style cabinets and the doors are out of alignment, you may simply need to adjust the hinges. Most of the hinges that attach doors to these types of cabinets can be adjusted with only the turn of a screw to bring the door into line. These hinges are usually mounted directly to the interior cabinet side and are hidden when the door is closed. They do not require a catch since they are self-closing.

Another common, and easily accomplished, repair is adjusting drawers that don’t close easily or well. This problem can usually be solved by re-attaching or replacing the drawer’s glides.

For the smoothest, most trouble-free drawer opening and closing, purchase prefabricated metal ball-bearing glide sets that attach to the drawer bottom or sides, depending on your drawer’s construction and current type of glide. The manufacturer’s instructions should detail all you need to know for proper installation.


Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets are the heart of a kitchen’s organization and the key contributor to its appearance. Hundreds if not thousands of styles are made from a broad range of materials: fine hardwoods, laminates, veneers, painted particleboard, and more.

From the highest quality models to the bottom-of-the-line units, all cabinets have one thing in common: Fundamentally, they’re boxes.Some of the boxes stand on the floor and are capped with countertops while others hang from the walls. Some are fitted with doors and shelves; others hold drawers or other specialty accessories.

A kitchen-cabinet system is made up from several separate units, joined together side-by-side. Base cabinets may have drawers, doors, shelves, or pull-outs, or a combination of these. Plumbing bases have no shelves or drawers, reserving the space for a sink and plumbing. Upper wall cabinets offer storage above counters and appliances.


Free Kitchen Design

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Free Kitchen Design – Free Online Kitchen Design Ideas, Kitchen Designs, Photos


This is a very effective use of cupboard space and kitchen lighting. With so much natural light coming in through the windows this homeowner can feel confident that using a dark stain on the cabinets will not make the space feel dark and gloomy. The walls, countertop and floor have all been done in neutral shades which is ideal if you are renovating for the purpose of selling.


In this kitchen photo, ultramodern design is stated with bold shapes and smooth textures, and is enhanced by the dramatic use of color. All are elements that can be incorporated into a small or large kitchen. Because the color in this kitchen has been limited to only a few surfaces, it can easily be changed if and when you are ready for a new color theme.


The ambient lighting in this kitchen design enhances the natural beauty of the woodgrain. The finishes have been kept tastefully simple for a coordinated and clean-lined effect. The combination of materials and the compact layout suggest a feeling of calm efficiency.


This French country kitchen design picture may make you think you’ve stepped back in time. (medieval time) It is vastly different from all of the previous kitchen design pictures and we’ve shown it simply to demonstrate that anything is possible. The size of this stove/cooktop is so impressive, it must be in a very large kitchen. Somehow a castle comes to mind. View more pictures of French country kitchens.


This beautiful designer kitchen with rich, detailed woodwork could be found in an estate home. It has a very traditional look that incorporates marble countertops, glass cabinet doors and architectural details like crown molding. Portions of the cabinetry have been made to look like furniture pieces. One peak at this kitchen and you want to know if the rest of the house is just as elegant.



Modern interior kitchen design ideas have become quite important now as people are seeking to have a modern kitchen along with a modern house.  Decorating styles for your kitchen can be specifically designed to coordinate with the rest of your home or to stand alone as a style all its own. Choices of cabinetry, countertops and flooring are some of the main design elements in any kitchen along with color, lighting and appliances.

Japanese kitchen producer Tayo Kitchen which have awesome dark kitchen designs under their belt has much better idea. They Porto collection is a great combination of gray, white, black and metallic colored cabinets and furniture that all together perfectly supplement each other. Their showcases are great example of kitchen designs to gather inspiration from.



Vanilla Oak Kitchen Cabinet

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Vanilla Oak Kitchen Cabinet

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This kitchen classic is timeless as well as stylish. The Vanilla coloured oak fronts are sumptuously finished and extremely easy-care.Cathedral MDF door, front and edges fully PVC wrapped.
We supply kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in different customized and standard styles. Antique wood cabinets can be hand-carved by our skillful craftmen.
We make any kitchen and bathroom designs as your idea only you tell us your kitchen dimensions, because our kitchen designers have special experience in designing custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities in China. Our cabinet doors come in a various styles: Hand carved, raised panels, arched and flat panels.
We offer a variety of wood types of cherry, maple, oak, birch, walnut, etc, and carcases are available in quality plywood or MDF boards. Granite and marble countertops, island tops and vanity tops can supplied with kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities as well. Quality hinges, handles and
stainless steel sinks or ceramic basins can be ordered to make kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities completed.

Vanilla Oak Kitchen Cabinet 

Other Vanilla Oak Kitchen Cabinet Relational Products.

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Glass Cabinets

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Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets 

It’s time to show off those new wine glasses you got for Christmas.  Why hide them behind a solid cabinet door?  These days more and more homeowners are utilizing glass in their kitchen cabinets to reveal their fine china, glasses and other decorations.  Some styles include an all-glass door while others simply use glass insets built into the door.  The latter is commonly referred to as mullion doors.  Either way, it’s a good way to make use of the light coming into your kitchen and to give it more surfaces to bounce off of.  After all, if you spent so much money on your beautiful cookware and glassware, why hide it?  It’s time to show it off!  Start by getting some ideas on current designs and trends by watching the video by Cabinets TV to your left.

As you may have guessed, there are many options for you when it comes to glass cabinets.  The most important thing to consider is the type of glass itself that you’d like.  Do you want to be able to see through it clearly?  Do you want some sort of texture in the glass?  Perhaps stained glass or a specific design to match your kitchen decor?  All of these options are possible.  As long as the cabinet door is large enough to hold the glass insert you’d like, the design possibilities are endless.  To help you understand the glass options, we have provided a basic list for you below:

Types of Glass

  • Bubbled
    • Just like it sounds-air bubbles injected into the glass
  • Camed
    • Has strips of metal between the pieces of glass
  • Etched
    • Contains unique carved designs in the glass
  • Frosted
    • Looks like frost, makes the glass not as clear
  • Layered
    • Multiple panes of glass
  • Mullion
    • Has strips of wood between the pieces of glass
  • Textured
    • Choose from a variety of textures to accent, textures make the glass less see-thru
  • Stained Glass
    • Multiple design options here-choose colors, objects and designs you’d like in the glass

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of cabinet brands out there that offer extensive lines of glass cabinets.  To research the brand that is best for you, visit our Cabinet Brands section which will give you an overview of what each can offer.  Regardless of who you choose, remember that when it comes to designing the cabinets for your home remember to also keep in mind functionality.  If you have kids who have dirty hands, remember that a clear glass pane on a cabinet is going to show all of their finger prints.  Also, if you decide to go with a stained glass look with specific colors, it is advisable to choose neutral colors in case you’d like to change the overall look of your kitchen in the future.  If you choose wild colors in your glass and you’d like to tame them down a bit, you’ll need to get new glass inserts.  Pick a color or design that you’re comfortable with that and will last for years to come.

Need More Information About Glass Cabinets?

We offer Free Glass Cabinets Quotes from top contractors who are in your local area.  Let us help match you with a pro today to help you with your project.  The process is easy and there are no obligations to purchase.


Contemporary kitchen design metal and stainless steel

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Contemporary kitchen design metal and stainless steel


Some of the newest trends in contemporary kitchen design involve the use of universal design principles and eco-friendly materials. Universal design is great for kitchens because it is a room that almost everyone in the family uses on a daily basis. The overall visual impression is one of sleek modernity – stainless steel storage units are contrasted by additional fabulous cabinetry in black. Sliding the roomy drawers open reveals smart storage alternatives such as the sturdy plastic plate holders pictured. By the sink, coordinating stainless steel drying racks are located conveniently behind the faucet.
Modern contemporary kitchen design use cabinets that have simple but large hardware. The cabinets are generally frameless. The door styles used in modern contemporary kitchen design are those which are mostly horizontal lift or basic slabs.