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Kitchen: plinth – so fix it

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A baseboard looks optically very good, it connects the kitchen cabinets above the ground together. They are available in different colors to match the color of the kitchen. Depending on the model, the assembly can vary. instructions for:

A plinth is part of any modern kitchen. You buy it together with your new kitchen cabinets in the piece and then adapt them to the desired length. Secured a plinth at the feet of the kitchen cabinets. The type of attachment can vary from model to model. Do you have a kitchen, which is around the corner, you can connect the abutting footer parts with a corner joint with each other.

Measure out how much baseboard you need

You can calculate the length of the baseboard for your kitchen. Just add the length of the wall cabinets together. If your kitchen cabinets own in the room, you have to add the baseboard.

1. for the sides and the back of the cabinets
Of course it is also possible to measure the length of the baseboard. So you can be sure that you have not miscalculated and accidentally buy too little plinth.

2. To obstruct the bar in the kitchen

First, make the kitchen cabinets and bring your feet to the right height. Most feet can werden.

1. adapted to the width of a base strip
On the back of a base, you will find an attachment, with which they can attach to the feet of the kitchen cabinets. Very often, these are clips that lie around the feet. It can also be designed so that you have to push the back of the skirting board in the feet.

2. Make sure that you attach the baseboard on each foot. Otherwise, it may be that this slip when your foot on the other hand push or suck the kitchen or wischen.

3. Is a skirting board in the kitchen is available in different heights. Higher kitchen allows you more comfortable, but only if all individuals are large enough in your family.
For smaller people a high kitchen is however difficult. The room height must fit in a high kitchen, because you still want to hang the wall cabinets in a proper distance.


Open Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Activity in the kitchen starting is very important to make room for all activities in the home. The kitchen doesn’t always be presented with the shades closed. You can bring the nice of an open kitchen interior design ideas with it can give a distinct impression on your home. With a bit of setting up your kitchen layout, you can create a great and comfort open kitchen to cook.

If the open kitchen interior design ideas will be presented in a small space, the simple ways to make this kind of kitchen is  not take a lot of large things on the kitchen.  You must remember the furniture. Furniture such as a refrigerator might be put in hidden place example into the kitchen ‘wall’.  Especially for the dinner table, you can design with a minimalist model.  You must design the table properly. It must be created using the stove, storage container like drawer to put the cooking appliances or stuffs.

Another step is to make open kitchen ideas is put the position of your kitchen on your backyard. It no need a large size. You can improve with small kitchen. It also can look more attractive. Originally your cooking times can still be fulfilled by a small open kitchen ideas. Take the position of your kitchen on line of sewerage, at least be in the zone of your kitchen service. It facilitates the pipe connection of water which dirty from your open kitchen into pipe to the environment.

The planning for open kitchen interior design must be play very careful.  You must be careful to put the kitchen cupboard or cabinets. Every single postion of this sftuffs can optimize your kitchen corner of  your storage  for your open kitchen area.  The advantage of open kitchens are you can get natural lighting for your open kitchen ideas. But remember to put artificial light with lamp for your sufficient light at night in your open kitchen. It must be noted for your open kitchen interior design ideas.

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Kitchen handles

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The handles you choose for your kitchen cabinets, cupboards and doors have a much bigger impact than you’d probably imagine on the overall effect of your

The handles you choose make a big statement about your kitchen

So The handles you choose make a big statement about your kitchenmake sure you choose the right fittings for the style you’ve gone for with your kitchen.

Hidden handles

One of the kitchen trends you’re sure to have noticed, particularly if you’re planning a contemporary design, is that of hidden handles.


redoing kitchen cabinet doors

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Why buy new kitchen cabinet doors?

If you have an old home and are thinking about redoing your kitchen you should consider making an investment in the labor (yours or someone else) by fixing or refinishing your old Kitchen Cabinet Door, rather than opting for all new kitchen cabinets & doors. In addition to the savings on labor cost you may also be able to retain the quality of older wooden cabinets because they typically used hand crafted quality wood years ago. It is not uncommon for older kitchens to contain solid oak kitchen cabinet doors which are often a little more steady than today’s wooden cabinet doors; current doors often fall apart or easily splinter. Kitchen cabinet doors are available in many types of wood such as cherry, birch red oak, hard maple, poplar & pine. That was typical of the older kitchen cupboard and is not typical of today cabinets unless you pay an outrageous price for customization. Unfortunately newer cabinet doors are basically particle board or chipboard compressed together so you don’t have to worry about the finish of the kitchen doors. Kitchen cabinet doors are an attractive, durable solution to your re-facing project. If you want the luster of the “new” kitchen feeling you may just want to purchase new granite counter tops while retaining the old quality wood.Office Furnitures , Bolt Nut

White Cabinet Doors 

Ideas for the modern look

If you choose to replace your kitchen cabinets you can use the most expensive materials to make your kitchen cabinets or you can use the least expensive ones. If you’re interested in saving money you can start by removing all of your older cabinet doors and stripping and sanding the exterior of you kitchen cabinets. If you can strip it down to bare wood you have the ability to stain and bring your doors back to life with something nice and possibly antique. Since you will be taking the time to take the doors off you should also change out the hinges or rotate the hinges. The reason behind rotating hinges is some kitchen doors are used more than others, rotating the hinges prevents wear and tear on one particular set and allows them last longer. One of the problems people face when connecting the doors back to the cabinets is the spacing between the door and the actual cabinet. To ensure proper spacing you need to carefully mark all of the sink holes in the current cabinets. If you still want the new kitchen look you can always upgrade to a new sink and granite or slate counter tops while keeping the original sturdy wood that typically is not available to consumers at a reasonable price