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perfect kitchen countertop

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

The first steps in selecting the perfect countertop for your design is identifying the overall style you wish to achieve and browsing pictures of counter tops in our popular online design showrooms to discover the endless number of looks you can achieve with today’s top products. These key kitchen décor elements are available in a wide range of materials and price points, each bringing with it a distinctive look able to blend harmoniously with a variety of design styles. Our ‘do it yourself’ experts suggest moving away from outdated tiled kitchen backsplashes and counters and instead look towards today’s hottest design trends. Counter top ideas for 2014 tend to fall into 3 major categories – organic stone, innovative engineered products, or unique alternative options.  Read ahead to discover how each of these groups can individually enhance a variety of popular kitchen décor styles.

perfect kitchen countertop


Kitchen designs Ideas

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Intricate Beauty

Brand new custom kitchen designs can be very costly. Fortunately, with a little creativity it is simple to recreate your favorite kitchen designs on a budget. The key to recreating those fabulous dream kitchen ideas without draining your wallet is identifying those key design elements that will have the most impact on the overall design, and then focus your funds there. Our favorite way to revamp an outdated space is with fresh new kitchen paint colors. This is the single diy project that can have the most overall impact on a kitchen for the least amount of money. Think bold and vibrant when selecting paint, and dare to use those most popular colors for 2014 that may look out of place in other areas of your home designs. Another great way to give a custom look is by incorporating fabulous new kitchen tile backsplash. These cheap DIY kitchen decorations will give the room an instant facelift without spending an arm and a leg on major structural redo’s like new cabinetry.

A key element to consider when undertaking a new kitchen makeover is flooring. The kitchen floor is one of the most highly trafficked areas of the home and, as such, should be both durable and safe to walk on. A slippery floor material such as slick tiles or highly glossed woods can often lead to accidents while cooking and should therefore be avoided. When selecting the best kitchen flooring also keep in mind the heavy maintenance it will surely undergo. Do not select a material that cannot withstand frequent washings with heavy duty soaps. Our favorite designer products for kitchen floors are beautiful natural woods or nonslip tiled materials. Both are available in a variety of awesome colors and coordinated with any 2014 kitchen designs style for a gorgeous rich look. Finishing details such as kitchen flooring are vital to achieving that professionally designed look, so choose wisely.


Updating Kitchen Cabinets

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Sometimes all your cabinets need to give your kitchen a whole new look is a bit of basic repair or a few minor improvements. Changing your pulls, for example, can completely alter the look of cabinetry as can Refacing or Repainting them.

Kitchen Island Furniture 

If your cabinet doors droop or shut poorly, repair or change the hinges. First, try tightening the screws. If a screw won’t tighten, remove it, squirt a little white glue into the hole and insert some broken-up wooden toothpicks to fill it up (wipe off any excess glue). After the glue dries, cut the toothpicks flush with the surface using a utility knife, and drive the screw into the refurbished hole (you may have to drill a small pilot hole first).

Exposed decorative hinges can also add a new design element to your cabinets. Hinges can be found at home improvement centers in virtually every style and size, and in a vast range of materials. You’re sure to find replacements that will both fit your cabinets and perk up their appearance.

If it seems that your cabinet doors are perpetually hanging open, you may want to switch to self-closing hinges, which do not require a separate catch to keep the door closed.

If you have European frameless-style cabinets and the doors are out of alignment, you may simply need to adjust the hinges. Most of the hinges that attach doors to these types of cabinets can be adjusted with only the turn of a screw to bring the door into line. These hinges are usually mounted directly to the interior cabinet side and are hidden when the door is closed. They do not require a catch since they are self-closing.

Another common, and easily accomplished, repair is adjusting drawers that don’t close easily or well. This problem can usually be solved by re-attaching or replacing the drawer’s glides.

For the smoothest, most trouble-free drawer opening and closing, purchase prefabricated metal ball-bearing glide sets that attach to the drawer bottom or sides, depending on your drawer’s construction and current type of glide. The manufacturer’s instructions should detail all you need to know for proper installation.


Restoring a Vintage Kitchen

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

When you purchase a vintage home, you will find that the kitchen is not up to today’s standards for family living. In many instances, you may find that the entire house will need to have restoration work. When preservationists restore vintage homes, they usually keep the facade and the main living areas in the style of the home. The kitchen, however, is usually redesigned to meet the needs of their family.Vintage Kitchen

Vintage not only means the restoration of pre-World War I homes but also bungalows from the 1950s and ranch style homes from the 1970s. The design and purchase of a home is a personal choice and the styles from various decades appeal to many people.Vintage Kitchen

When kitchens became a separate room in the family home, there were work areas. Everything in the kitchen was freestanding including the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. The kitchen table was the work area and the appliances were all one color, white. Some had cast-iron stoves. Floors were wood or linoleum.

The decades of the 1960s and 1970s did see changes in color in kitchen appliances but some of the colors got old pretty quickly. It was difficult for everyone to live with avocado green and gold for twenty years.

When planning a kitchen redesign for a vintage home, you want it to feel warm and inviting and homey. You also want the hardware to have a period feel. The availability of period materials has grown. You can find period pieces in antique stores and well designed reproduction hardware and appliances in home shopping stores. Architectural salvage companies go through buildings and homes to be torn down and salvage materials for re-use.Vintage Kitchen

The look and feel of a kitchen is determined by its cabinets. If you want to keep an historic feel to your kitchen, check with architectural salvage companies for wood and metal cabinets. You can mix these cabinets with freestanding antique or reproduction pieces. You can also add other vintage pieces such as an antique dresser or other items such as plate racks and open shelves. When refinishing your salvage cabinet finds, you should make sure that you strip, buff, and lacquer the metal cabinets to prevent them from rusting. Old painted wood cabinets have a tendency to warp when striped. You should do them one at a time.

Vintage Kitchenkitchen-redesign.jpg

You can use stone countertops in a vintage kitchen redesign. The stone should be honed to a soft finish. Vermont soapstone is a popular choice.

Flooring in a vintage kitchen redesign can be linoleum or wood. You may be able to find unused rolls of linoleum from early decades at an architectural salvage store. Many of today’s designs also complement the vintage kitchen. Linoleum companies are reproducing early patterns.

Many vintage kitchens, especially pre-war, used pressed metal in the ceiling. You can check for these at an architectural salvage store. An alternative is to use a heavy Anaglyptic paper. This is a cream colored paper embossed in a variety of period patterns. It costs less to install than pressed metal and when it is painted, achieves a similar look.

Since the mid-1980s, it has become easier to find authentic looking vintage stoves and refrigerators. Most old stoves are white but you can find some colors such as cream, green, or cobalt blue. Hoods used for venting were not used 100 years ago. In this case, you can have one built of the same wood as an overhead cabinet.Vintage Kitchen

It is not difficult to find antique hardware. In a vintage kitchen, you may want to choose antique brass, satin nickel, or blackened finish. You can find reproductions to fit just about any vintage period at your local hardware or home shopping store.


A kitchen redesign for a vintage kitchen can make your home warm and family friendly. It just takes a little time to find the right pieces.


How to Create a Mosaic Countertop

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

How to Create a Mosaic Countertop

You have been planning your kitchen redesign. You have looked through magazines and watched the home improvement and home decorating shows on television. You saw a simply fabulous kitchen redesign using mosaic tiles to create a pattern on a countertop. You want to do the same. You can do it yourself in a few easy steps.Mosaic Countertop

A mosaic is a decorative design created by setting small colored pieces of tile into a setting such as a countertop. The first thing you want to do is visit a tile shop and look at the tiles and colors that are available. Take some time to research what you want to do. You can find books in the library on creating tile countertops with mosaics. Since you are using tiles for your entire countertop, you will want to buy tiles in the size you need for the major area and complementary colored tiles for the mosaic area. Sketch your idea on a piece of paper before you go shopping. Measure your countertop. The salesperson as the tile store can help to determine how many tiles you will need for your major surface and how much you should purchase to create your mosaic.Mosaic Countertop

mosaic-countertop.jpgMosaic Countertop

Sketch your pattern onto the surface where you will lay the tiles. Since you are creating a mosaic you want to break up the tiles you will use for it. The easy way to do this is to wrap the tiles in a towel and hit them with a hammer.

You will need small pieces for your mosaic and larger pieces for your border. You can use a tile nibbler to break the tiles into the size you need.Mosaic Countertop

Place the tiles on top of the sketch to make sure you are pleased with the pattern and the colors you have selected. Mark the location of the tiles with a magic marker. When laying the tiles on your countertop, you should start from the center and work outward.Mosaic Countertop

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • The steps in creating your mosaic are:

    1. Prepare the surface by scoring it with a utility knife and then coating the surface with a mixture of watered down white glue.

    2. Spread a thin coat of tile cement (thin set or mortar), about one-eighth of an inch, over the surface.

    3. Score your mortar with a trowel.

    4. Place your tiles in the cement according to the pattern you drew.

    5. After the cement has set, apply tile grout over all the tiles.

    6. Apply the grout with a trowel. Smooth it over all of the seams between the individual tiles.

    7. Wipe away the excess grout with a sponge.

    8. Let it dry overnight.

    You can purchase grout in a variety of colors, not just white, to match the decor of your kitchen.



    Modern interior kitchen design ideas have become quite important now as people are seeking to have a modern kitchen along with a modern house.  Decorating styles for your kitchen can be specifically designed to coordinate with the rest of your home or to stand alone as a style all its own. Choices of cabinetry, countertops and flooring are some of the main design elements in any kitchen along with color, lighting and appliances.

    Japanese kitchen producer Tayo Kitchen which have awesome dark kitchen designs under their belt has much better idea. They Porto collection is a great combination of gray, white, black and metallic colored cabinets and furniture that all together perfectly supplement each other. Their showcases are great example of kitchen designs to gather inspiration from.



    Kitchen Decorating Ideas

    posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

    More and more today, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. Kitchens used to be closed off from the rest of the house with walls and doors. Today, however, both in new houses and in remodeled older style homes, you can see into the kitchen from the living room, the family room, or both. Since the kitchen is constantly on view, kitchen decorating is an important part of home decor.

    Specializing in colored refrigerators, household furnishings, panels and customizations for the interior Coolors is first step for your decoration.Coolors if full of amazing kitchen decorating ideas, based on their collection of must-have colored kitchen appliances that no modern home can do without.Converting your favorite vacation photo into a work of art by one of their masters, you now can ornament your appliances and take them from drab to fab.



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    How to Declutter Under the Kitchen Sink

    posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

    How to Declutter Under the Kitchen Sink,Under the Kitchen Sink,How to Declutter,open cabinet,To declutter under the kitchen sink,dusting cloths,scrubbing rags,clean rag,cabinet door,wire rack,screw,AFTER – Under kitchen sink,trash bag,awl, ratchet screwdriver, level, permanent marker,plastic “tool” caddy

    double bowl undermount kitchen sinks 

    BEFORE – Under Kitchen Sink

    The area under the kitchen sink in the average household often looks like a wasteland of mystery cleaners, rags, old vases and whatever else doesn’t fit on the countertops. Trying to organize this space is a challenge at times if you also have a garbage disposal and water filtration system taking up valuable inches.

    For peace of mind and just in case a leak develops under the sink, it’s a good idea to keep this space tidy. This article will show you how to declutter under the kitchen sink in record time.

    Step 1

    Under kitchen sink

    Sit on the floor directly in front of the open cabinet. Place trash bag and the box next to you and place the clean rag and tools within reach. To declutter under the kitchen sink, pull everything out from under the sink tossing the obvious throwaways like old sponges, etc. in the trash bag.

    Place household cleansers that you’re not using anymore into one of the boxes to be properly disposed of. See Earth911 link under resources; enter your zip code and type of waste into the search box for location nearest you.

    Set aside dirty microfiber dusting cloths and old scrubbing rags to be cleaned. Place cleansers you use often into the plastic tool caddy. When the area is completely empty, wipe down well with the clean rag.

  • Step 2

    Hang the wire rack in place on the inside of the cabinet door. To do this, first place the level on bottom shelf of wire rack. Hold rack into position, mark placement of screws with permanent marker.

    Using the awl, make a small starter hole where each of the four screws will be. Install the rack using the ratchet screwdriver. Place dishwashing powder or liquid in the rack.

  • Step 3

    Secure one screw towards the front on each of the side walls to hang any handled dusters, keeping them up and out of the way. You may need to angle the two tiered sliding organizer baskets under the kitchen sink to allow for the wire rack installed inside the cabinet door.

  • Step 4

    AFTER – Under kitchen sink

    Make any necessary adjustments, so that all items placed under the kitchen sink provide easy access to the plumbing. Place the portable tool caddy front and center so it can be removed quickly if needed for cleaning or any under the sink maintenance. Note the angled baskets also allow quick removal.

    As a bonus for a job well done, note that when you declutter under the kitchen sink you’ll be able to see at a glance what cleaning items may be needed. Save money by keeping this area tidy and avoid purchasing cleansers you already have at home.

    Things You’ll Need:

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    Brighten Kitchen Design with Color

    posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

    Color can dramatically change your kitchen design and the way you view your space. Here are some easy ways to add color to this important part of your house.

    Build High End Kitchen Cabinets 

    First, glance around the room and find three areas where color could transform your kitchen design. The backsplash area above the countertop is one key place, as it covers a wide area. By adding bold paint or tile, you can transform the space in a few days.

    Among the popular colors are blues, green and yellows. A backsplash with bright blue, lime green, or orangey yellow tones is sure to attract attention.

    Painting is a fairly easy home improvement project you can tackle yourself. Tile installation requires more skill but is a doable project for a seasoned rehabber. Otherwise, a contractor or handyman can complete this type of home improvement project.

    A colorful kitchen countertop also can make a big splash. There are many laminate countertops made with yellow, pink, green, and even purple designs. Solid surface countertops can be ordered with a colorful stripe that outlines the sink area.

    Otherwise, a contractor can carry your colorful wall tile image onto the countertop. A blue and yellow theme is one option. Just ask the contractor about using coordinating colors to avoid having too much of the same tile on the walls and countertop.

    Kitchen appliances also are sold in specialty colors, such as red and blue. A red dishwasher can make a bold statement without disrupting your cabinets or countertop. A contractor can install a dishwasher in an hour or so. For a more economical change, however, try a red toaster or mixer that you display on the countertop.

    Decorative fabrics also can boost a neutral kitchen design. Sheer curtain with a light blue tone will add a subtle dose of color while still allowing light to filter through. Aside from buying new window treatments, you can find colorful fabric to cover an open cabinet shelf. Just add a tension rod across the opening and slip on the curtain.

    There are many ways to use color to add spice to your kitchen design. Experiment with a few variations to see how color can enhance your kitchen design.

    About the Author
    Allison E. Beatty is an avid old house enthusiast who has been renovating houses and writing about them for more than 10 years. She contributes regularly to national newspaper, magazines and web sites.

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    Gourmet Kitchen Design

    posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

    If you cook gourmet food, you know just how different it is than busting out a frying pan and cooking up some eggs. You need the proper environment. A true gourmet kitchen requires more space, more utensils, more appliances and more control.

    Naturally you will want the food to look as good as the space you cook it in, cause let’s face it…a true gourmet meal takes a long time to prepare, and if you are going to spend that much time in ant room you are going to want it to look nice.

    Trifles and Truffles
    Here is a list of some of the more luxurious amenities you should incorporate into your gourmet kitchen design.


    • Monogram Professional series front control 6-burner gas cook top
    • Profile series double ovens
    • Profile series built-in microwave oven
    • Profile series 5-cycle dishwasher
    • A refrigerator area plumbed for automatic icemaker
    • Gourmet kitchen design with island and spacious pantry
    • Brushed chrome Delta Victorian faucet with pullout spray
    • Double basin cast iron sink
    • Recessed down lighting with under cabinet fluorescent task lighting

    With these simple tools and decorations you will feel like you are the star chef in a European restaurant. Creating a true gourmet meal would be near impossible without them. If you can’t afford these items try considering going to second hand stores.

    While you wouldn’t think it, restaurants turn over, go out of business and sell their equipment fairly regularly. So don’t be shy, do a little digging and you are sure to come up with some great bargains. That is if you are not too proud to shop for second hand items.

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