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Kitchen Stoveside Organizer

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Stoveside Organizer

Whether you use one crock or several, it’s wise to have essential tools in arm’s reach when you’re at the stove. Martha keeps ladles, whisks, pastry brushes, wooden spoons, and flexible spatulas in separate containers.

Rolling Cart

A cart provides storage where you need it. Martha usually parks this stainless steel one, with tools for cooking, by her range. A small freestanding island on wheels can serve the same purpose and is especially useful in a tight kitchen; it provides a work surface and a casual sideboard. “By adding a custom-cut marble top, a rolling cart can also be used as a bar when entertaining,” Martha says.

Also on the rolling cart: Martha’s mise en place — ramekins of various salts and often-used spices. A pinch is easier to gauge with fingers or a spoon than it is with a shaker.


Restoring a Vintage Kitchen

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When you purchase a vintage home, you will find that the kitchen is not up to today’s standards for family living. In many instances, you may find that the entire house will need to have restoration work. When preservationists restore vintage homes, they usually keep the facade and the main living areas in the style of the home. The kitchen, however, is usually redesigned to meet the needs of their family.Vintage Kitchen

Vintage not only means the restoration of pre-World War I homes but also bungalows from the 1950s and ranch style homes from the 1970s. The design and purchase of a home is a personal choice and the styles from various decades appeal to many people.Vintage Kitchen

When kitchens became a separate room in the family home, there were work areas. Everything in the kitchen was freestanding including the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink. The kitchen table was the work area and the appliances were all one color, white. Some had cast-iron stoves. Floors were wood or linoleum.

The decades of the 1960s and 1970s did see changes in color in kitchen appliances but some of the colors got old pretty quickly. It was difficult for everyone to live with avocado green and gold for twenty years.

When planning a kitchen redesign for a vintage home, you want it to feel warm and inviting and homey. You also want the hardware to have a period feel. The availability of period materials has grown. You can find period pieces in antique stores and well designed reproduction hardware and appliances in home shopping stores. Architectural salvage companies go through buildings and homes to be torn down and salvage materials for re-use.Vintage Kitchen

The look and feel of a kitchen is determined by its cabinets. If you want to keep an historic feel to your kitchen, check with architectural salvage companies for wood and metal cabinets. You can mix these cabinets with freestanding antique or reproduction pieces. You can also add other vintage pieces such as an antique dresser or other items such as plate racks and open shelves. When refinishing your salvage cabinet finds, you should make sure that you strip, buff, and lacquer the metal cabinets to prevent them from rusting. Old painted wood cabinets have a tendency to warp when striped. You should do them one at a time.

Vintage Kitchenkitchen-redesign.jpg

You can use stone countertops in a vintage kitchen redesign. The stone should be honed to a soft finish. Vermont soapstone is a popular choice.

Flooring in a vintage kitchen redesign can be linoleum or wood. You may be able to find unused rolls of linoleum from early decades at an architectural salvage store. Many of today’s designs also complement the vintage kitchen. Linoleum companies are reproducing early patterns.

Many vintage kitchens, especially pre-war, used pressed metal in the ceiling. You can check for these at an architectural salvage store. An alternative is to use a heavy Anaglyptic paper. This is a cream colored paper embossed in a variety of period patterns. It costs less to install than pressed metal and when it is painted, achieves a similar look.

Since the mid-1980s, it has become easier to find authentic looking vintage stoves and refrigerators. Most old stoves are white but you can find some colors such as cream, green, or cobalt blue. Hoods used for venting were not used 100 years ago. In this case, you can have one built of the same wood as an overhead cabinet.Vintage Kitchen

It is not difficult to find antique hardware. In a vintage kitchen, you may want to choose antique brass, satin nickel, or blackened finish. You can find reproductions to fit just about any vintage period at your local hardware or home shopping store.


A kitchen redesign for a vintage kitchen can make your home warm and family friendly. It just takes a little time to find the right pieces.


Preparing to Install New Kitchen Cabinets

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When installing new cabinets, plan to do the job after completion of rough wiring and plumbing but before the finish flooring has been installed. By installing the flooring after cabinet installation, you won’t use more flooring than needed and the new floors are less prone to construction damage.

Unpack your cabinets and make sure all components are on hand. If your cabinets arrive disassembled, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly. Wait until after cabinet installation to add drawers, doors, and shelves. If you remove any parts, be sure to label them so you can return them to their proper places.

The wall that backs cabinets should be level, smooth, and clean. To check it for flatness, place a long straightedge against it. Mark any bumps or voids so that, during installation, you can adjust for them.

When moving them around, you will discover that upper cabinets are heavy–just imagine their weight when they’re loaded with dinnerware and food. For this reason, it is imperative that they be fastened very securely to the wall stud framing behind the wall’s surface material. And the screws you use must go through a strong part of the cabinet such as a support rail that runs along the cabinet back. Every cabinet should be secured by at least three screws which penetrate the wall framing by at least 1 1/2 inches. For cabinet installation techniques, see How to Install Kitchen Cabinets.

Traditional Kitchen Furniture 


Kitchen Storage Planning

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Kitchen Storage Planning — China Kitchen Cabinetry


The best kitchen designs are laid out with work zones in mind. Using what’s called “the work triangle,” kitchen designers place everything from ovens and cooktops to sinks and refrigerators — as well as the cabinets themselves — within various zones.

Harmony® Storage Solutions by KraftMaid are organized by zones as well. These zones include Food Storage, Tableware Storage, Preparation, Cooking and Cleanup. Specialized Storage Solutions work within these zones, allowing you to maximize storage, accessibility and comfort in your kitchen.

Review the many options in this section. You’ll see how easy it is to create a kitchen that’s more organized, more efficient and more livable than you ever imagined.

This zone contains all of your basic food items, including canned goods, dry goods, perishables, refrigerated foods and bulk storage. In your kitchen layout, it should be placed near the Preparation and Cooking zones, and should be easily accessible for unloading groceries. Harmony® Storage Solutions that make this zone work hardest and smartest include lazy susans, pull-out pantries, multi-storage pantries, a variety of roll-out trays and utility cabinets.

This zone is used to store dishes, glasses, stemware, serving pieces, silverware and other items that you use in your daily kitchen routine. This zone should be planned so that it is easily accessible from the eating area as well as the Cleanup zone. Think about Harmony® Storage Solutions, like cutlery dividers, china display cabinets, base drawer storage and more.

This is the main work area in your kitchen. This zone will contain work knives, utensils, mixing bowls, food processor and other small appliances. Of course, it should be designed in proximity to the Cooking and Cleanup zones. This area will gain efficiency and practicality from Harmony® Storage Solutions, like base pots and pans cabinets with adjustable drawer dividers, cutting centers, floating island base cabinets, tambour storage, utensil ensembles and much more.

As you can imagine, this zone will include your cooktop, ovens and microwave. It will also contain your cookware, bakeware and cooking utensils, as well as your spices and cooking oils. This zone is the true focal point of your kitchen layout. And you can keep the focus on efficiency with Harmony® Storage Solutions, like a base cooking center, roll-out trays, spice racks, tray dividers and microwave cabinets.

The Cleanup zone is another area that can define your kitchen layout because it most likely will be dictated by plumbing access or the placement of your dishwasher and windows. This zone contains your sink and dishwasher, trash and recycling bins, cleaning tools and cleaning supplies. Make your Cleanup zone more efficient with Harmony® Storage Solutions, like a sink base door storage cabinet, pull-out wastebaskets and more.


Kitchen Measurement and Volume

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 Kitchen Measurement and Volume


Measure Your Existing Space

A) Start with the first wall on the left and work to your right around the room. First, measure the overall length of each wall in your kitchen. Use grid paper to record all your measurements.

B) Indicate all breaks in walls (windows, doors, closets) by measuring from the corner to the outside edge of the molding. Don’t forget to indicate any permanent appliances, air vents, offsets, etc.

C) Measure to centerline of plumbing, ducting and outlets. Remember, plumbing and outlets may be moved to accommodate a design.

Create Your Floor Plan

Using your kitchen measurements, start sketching your cabinets. Start in the corner of your grid paper and work out. Note the location of your electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures and air ducts. You may be able to move major appliances several inches either way to accommodate a layout change.


Free Kitchen Design

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Free Kitchen Design – Free Online Kitchen Design Ideas, Kitchen Designs, Photos


This is a very effective use of cupboard space and kitchen lighting. With so much natural light coming in through the windows this homeowner can feel confident that using a dark stain on the cabinets will not make the space feel dark and gloomy. The walls, countertop and floor have all been done in neutral shades which is ideal if you are renovating for the purpose of selling.


In this kitchen photo, ultramodern design is stated with bold shapes and smooth textures, and is enhanced by the dramatic use of color. All are elements that can be incorporated into a small or large kitchen. Because the color in this kitchen has been limited to only a few surfaces, it can easily be changed if and when you are ready for a new color theme.


The ambient lighting in this kitchen design enhances the natural beauty of the woodgrain. The finishes have been kept tastefully simple for a coordinated and clean-lined effect. The combination of materials and the compact layout suggest a feeling of calm efficiency.


This French country kitchen design picture may make you think you’ve stepped back in time. (medieval time) It is vastly different from all of the previous kitchen design pictures and we’ve shown it simply to demonstrate that anything is possible. The size of this stove/cooktop is so impressive, it must be in a very large kitchen. Somehow a castle comes to mind. View more pictures of French country kitchens.


This beautiful designer kitchen with rich, detailed woodwork could be found in an estate home. It has a very traditional look that incorporates marble countertops, glass cabinet doors and architectural details like crown molding. Portions of the cabinetry have been made to look like furniture pieces. One peak at this kitchen and you want to know if the rest of the house is just as elegant.


White Kitchen Island with Natural Top

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This furniture arrives unassembled. 341-002 Features: white finish with simulated butcher block top Drawer offers easy access storage Three open shelves for display/storage Decorative embossed door Door opens to large capacity storage Drawer offers easy access storage Scalloped shaped front base rail Sturdy engineered-wood product construction Easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions Finish: white Dimensions: 35.25″(W) x 19.5″(D) x 31.75″(H)

This item was fairly easy to assemble. You have to be careful not to peel the paint, though, so watch for that. The door had a little bit of extra paint on it which I will have to clean up, but I don’t think that will be too tough. The door also sits a little below the drawer, so there’s a bit of a gap. It was shipped in good packaging, so no damage. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase for the price. It’s attractive and decent quality.

This kitchen island is very well put-together, and exactly right to add extra counter space to my kitchen.

After looking into many carts, this one was perfect for the small space in our kitchen under the window. We didn’t need another chopping block so the surface is perfect for us. The shelves are just right to hold my cook books. Very cute!

I bought this after buying the microwave cart. it’s very easy to put together and it has plenty of room on the inside. i needed something to put my slow cooker on and this gave me not only space for slow cooker, but for all my cookbooks and bakeware. I would have given it 5 stars if it would’ve had a shelf in the inside, but it’s just a big space that can accomodate bowls.

About White Kitchen Island with Natural Top detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7861 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: Creative
  • Model: 341-002
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 31.25″ h x 35.25″ w x 19.50″ l, 73.00 pounds


  • Three open shelves for display/storage.
  • Door opens to large capacity storage. Drawer offers easy access to storage.
  • Beautiful butcher block finish top.
  • Decorative embossing on doors.
  • Three open shelves for display/storage. Door opens to large capacity storage. Drawer offers easy access to storage. Beautiful butcher block finish top. Decorative embossing on doors. Scalloped shaped front base rail.


Kitchen Gallery

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Combining two strong colors, red and black, painted hand-rubbed cabinets and stained patina wall cabinets creates a challenging color coordination. The inclusion of a stainless steel refrigerator helps to soften all the activity in this spacious kitchen.

A copper hammered island countertop adds texture to the bold colors. The enormous wrought iron pot rack and the butcher block cart add to the function and bring the basics of cooking back into focus. This kitchen is full of western whimsy that creates a sunny happy feeling. When working in this room you can’t stop smiling.

A touch of the Tuscan countryside brings this area home. Creature comfort touches for the family pet, along with peak-a-boo windows near the range to view the entryway. A touch if whimsy is detailed by a rooster which brings ones thoughts back to old Italy. An oversized island allows this family ample room for all activities

Combining clean modern lines with a bit of traditional iron makes this a gem. Unique custom door styles draw the eye to details needed in all homes. The painted smooth finishes compliment the soapstone countertops in bringing the rooms together

This log cabin resembles a dacha in the stunning Colorado mountain landscape. The use of natural materials in this double island kitchen accentuates the surrounding beauty.

Limestone countertops with an unfitted early English style cabinet is complemented with worn wood knobs and the antique floor. The copper hood and stainless steel appliances contrast the earthy stone for powerful results.

It is quite the compliment to be asked to participate in a kitchen project where function of the kitchen needs to be considerate of priceless works of art. It became quite a challenge to incorporate all the requested elements to reflect the beauty of each piece, whether it was an appliance, sculpture or furniture piece. The collection of Andy Warhol originals that hang over the fireplace adds to the strength of this uniquely balanced residence, showing how form and function compliment fine art.

Mixing overly wide stiles and rails with clean stainless steel countertops compliment the blending of Modern surfaces. Functional and abundant storage and work surfaces are a must when dealing with a minimalist modern design. The custom colored Pyrolave countertop finishes this out beautifully.

The Dramatic, yet functional design of this kitchen captures an abundance of clean, angular lines and rich, natural materials that harmonize into a cozy atmosphere with incredible views.

The room boasts a neutral palette with deep brown, stained alder cabinets around the perimeter and into the pantry. A slightly rubbed, painted island features raised legs and 3″ thick stone counter. The horizontally placed white bronze hardware accentuates the warm tones of the space.

The 26 six foot high cathedral ceiling with its varying beam heights and structurally necessary elements provided a challenge when designing the space. The decision to extend the cabinetry upward and terminate it under the beams created a sense of continuity with existing architectural elements. The upper glass cabinet doors lighten the visual weight and allow for additional texture.

Irregularly stacked stone niches were created to conceal structural posts which provide a natural backdrop between adjacent rooms and allowed two additional work stations. One station being a wet bar area with under counter appliances and the other entire wall dedicated to the commercial style range and custom copper hood. The PRO 48 was the owner’s only “must have” request and it is undoubtedly the most celebrated element in the kitchen.

Cabinetry from our many selections can adapt to your every taste or desire. From Contemporary or Traditional, built in sinks or custom surrounds, it is all possible with Modern Kitchen Center.