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Kitchen Bins

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Kitchen Bins

Large metal bins for garbage and recyclables sit at each end of the island (food scraps go into smaller pails for composting). Though the trend is to have pull-out bins behind cabinet doors, these are easier and cleaner to use: Step on the pedal to open. Similar trash cans.

Step Ladder

Keep a stepladder in the kitchen — if you’ve maximized your space, you’ll need one for reaching the highest shelves.


Top Kitchen Planning Tips

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Top Kitchen Planning Tips

1 Plan your kitchen according to your lifestyle. A family will have different expectations from a kitchen than a young couple. Keep this also in mind when planning your storage.

Keep the existing service points in mind when planning the kitchen as rewiring and re-plumbing takes a lot of time and money.

3 Think about the ventilation points when planning your kitchen. Don’t plan cupboards over them.

4 Decide where your sink, drainer and dishwasher need to go first as this will be the biggest unit to fit

5 Plan the main areas (sink, food preparation and hob) close together. This will make your kitchen more efficient.

6 When measuring the size of the kitchen, make sure that the exact shape of the walls is known. If there is an inwards corner in the room it will influence the shape of the worktop and the place of the wall-cupboards.

If you decide for a two-way galley kitchen, leave enough walking space between the two galleys.

If choosing a U-shaped kitchen, consider the floor space you will have left and maybe decide to use one of the legs of the U as a breakfast bar.

If you like to cook with a lot of fresh vegetables or you need a big freezer, consider a big fridge/freezer at the end of your worktop for loads of storage and easy access.
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