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Great ideas for remodeling your kitchen with modern design

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Remodeling or redesigning your kitchen should be fun and enjoyable. You can therefore completely change the look of your kitchen simply by changing the doors of your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets and complete kitchen remodeling have become some of the most popular do-it-yourself projects for homeowners. Kitchen cabinets can be made from dozens of woods including Oak, Maple, Pine, Cherry, Hickory, Poplar, Alder and Birch. There are three main types of kitchen cabinets: in-stock kitchen cabinets, semi-stock kitchen cabinets, and custom kitchen cabinets. The kitchen photos come from Scavolini as standard designs in their kitchen offerings.



Kitchen Faucets are a Major Enhancement to Your Kitchen

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Are you looking for a new kitchen faucet? There are some choices that you can take into consideration if you are on the search for kitchen faucet, that are interesting and they can vary in style. Kitchen faucets these days will add décor to your kitchen. Aside from adding décor to the kitchen, you cannot simply choose just any kind. You have to consider their features, sizes, and styles before making your decision.

Are you looking for a new kitchen faucet ? There are some choices that you can take into consideration if you are on the search for kitchen faucet, that are interesting and they can vary in style. Kitchen faucets these days will add décor to your kitchen. Aside from adding décor to the kitchen, you cannot simply choose just any kind. You have to consider their features, sizes, and styles before making your decision.

Whether it may be replacing the old faucet that you have or adding another one to your new kitchen, then there are some basic notions that you will need to be aware of even before you buy the new ones.


There are five main kinds of kitchen faucets, and they are:

  1.  The single handle: these are the type of faucets that will allow you to have quick and easy water control with just one lever.
  2. The dual or two handle are those with separated controls for cold and hot water
  3. The pullout spray style that can be a single or dual handled: This style is one of the most popular features of the faucet. This type is very handy with washing vegetables, as well as cleaning the sink. The pullout spray style can offer you a lot of flexibility in targeting spraying along with maximum amount of water pressure.
  4. The wall mounted
  5. The bar sink

Aside from these faucet styles, there are also some more things that you have to take into consideration before purchasing a new faucet.

The reach is one of the many factors that you have to consider. You see, for instance, if you have a high arc faucet, there will be of very limited reach across the sink basin, and this could possibly make it a lot less convenient to perform some activities, unless you are using a pullout spray.

The style is another vital consideration for a kitchen faucet. Usually kitchens with very traditional cabinetry will have the probability of looking wonderful if you have a faucet with a vintage look, while the sleek type of cabinetry will call for a rather up to date design kind of faucet.

In addition, to finish everything off, finish is a very intense topic for faucets, these days you will catch a glimpse of those appealing kitchen faucets that are in shiny chrome, the brushed nickel of black iron etc.


How to Apply Glaze to Darken Natural Maple Cabinets

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

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Maple is a hardwood that is commonly used in making kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It is just about the lightest wood you can use for cabinets. If you’d like darker cabinets, you can apply wood stain. Wood stains come in many types and levels of darkness. You can make the maple take on the color of an entirely different wood, or just darken it slightly to match your design scheme. This article assumes that your cabinets are already installed, but if they aren’t, then you can skip ahead to the step that you need.

Step 1

Remove the doors and drawers from the cabinets. Label the doors and drawers and their coinciding cabinet slots so you know where each door and drawer will go after you’ve stained them. You can use masking tape or a similar marker.

  • Step 2

    Remove the hardware, which would include handles and hinges, from the doors, drawers, and cabinets. Package the hardware and sandwich bags or other container, and label these objects, too, so you know where to replace them.

  • Step 3

    Use your sand paper to remove any varnish on the cabinets, doors and drawers. The varnish will be just a glossy finish. Sand only until this glossy finish is removed. You may want to sand by hand any decorative woodwork on your doors and drawers, and around any molding around the tops of the cabinets.

  • Step 4

    Use a clean cloth to wipe away all grit and dust left over after sanding. If necessary, use a firm-bristled paint brush to make sure grit is thoroughly cleaned out of fine woodwork.

  • Step 5

    Lay a drop cloth under the area you’ll be staining, and tape off the walls and ceiling around the cabinets you’ll be staining so you don’t stain these areas. Also tape off any parts of the cabinet you may not want to stain, such as the insides of the cabinets and drawers. Open doors and windows to make sure the room, where you’ll be painting, is well ventilated.

  • Step 6

    Lay flat as many of the pieces as possible, such as cabinet doors, because this will help ensure even staining.

  • Step 7

    Shake your can of stain for several minutes to make sure its color will be uniform. Open the can, and use a stick to stir the contents further if it has swirls of different colors. Put on your rubber gloves.

  • Step 8

    Start with staining either your cabinets or the doors and drawers. Dip your staining rag or pad into your stain and start rubbing the stain into your wood. Apply enough stain to sink into the wood grain; you don’t want to apply the stain sparsely.

  • Step 9

    Be careful when applying stains near areas you don’t want stained. Apply the stain lightly here because stain my seep under the tape or bleed through the wood and into the area you don’t want stained.

  • Step 10

    Allow the stain to sink into the wood for a few minutes, then wipe the excess stain off with a clean rag. Pieces that you cannot lay flat, such as installed cabinets, should be wiped off immediately after you’ve applied the stain. Otherwise, too much stain might drip down, causing an uneven appearance. Follow the wood grain when removing the excess stain, and make sure not to touch the wood with anything except the rags to ensure you don’t smudge the stain.

  • Step 11

    Let the cabinets and pieces dry completely. Depending on the type of stain you used, this can take anywhere from several hours to overnight.

  • Step 12

    Apply a coat of varnish or finish to the cabinets and pieces, and allow it to dry completely. This will again take anywhere from several hours to overnight.

  • Step 13

    Use your tags to help you place your pieces in the appropriate places when reassembling your cabinets.

    Things You’ll Need:

    • Fine-grit sandpaper and sander, Screwdriver, Clean cloths, Drop cloths, Painters’ tape, Rubber gloves, Staining pads or rags, Stain, Wood varnish or finish

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