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Modern Rounded Black Range Hoods by Airone

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Moon and Pegasus Range hoods from Airone are decorative wall-mount hoods Created of Entirely Dark Goblet. Their Modern rounded Design and style will compliment any Contemporary Kitchen area and Supply ventilation and Lighting to cooking Gear. Created and Created in Italy, they have not only Contemporary Glance but Amazing Superior As well.

Utilizing carbon filters could also make them Glance compact. Many thanks to their sleek and glamour Design and style these Dark Range hoods would be Fantastic decorative Component of Modern Kitchen area. For dimensions and other Details, Stop by Airone Web-site. Airone, black range hoods, decorative range hoods, Italian range hoods, modern range hood, modern range hoods, rangehoods, wall range hood, wall range hoods.


Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

The kitchen is one of the most important part of every home. In this place, an ordinary housewife creation throughout its ability to process food and prepare it for the whole family. In order for a mother who is in the kitchen to feel comfortable in processing and preparing food for loved ones, it would not hurt if your kitchen layout looks attractive, convenient and simple. Here are some tips you can do to create a comfortable atmosphere with minimalist kitchen design.

The first step you can do is making a big window so that adds to the impression of seemingly more spacious kitchen and can provide adequate lighting. That way, your kitchen will feel more comfortable and less humid.

The second step is setting adequate air circulation. It is very important so that the smoke from the cooking can be out of the room quickly. For this, you can make use of a blower or vacuum smoke. Large windows can also help facilitate the circulation of air in your kitchen so that the air is healthier.

Another thing to consider in kitchen design is to choose kitchen appliances to suit your kitchen needs. In addition, you also must select the appropriate electronic tools as well. If you plan to use the refrigerator, choose the size according to the size of your kitchen and suits your needs. If you do not have much food to be stored, small or medium-size refrigerator could be the right choice. Next use a heat-resistant table cloth so that the table surface isn’t quickly broken. For this we can select the base table of material Granite or HPL.

The next step is to adjust the color choices. Try the color of your kitchen appliances in harmony with the color of the kitchen wall to create a combination that fits between the two. White kitchen cabinets is one of many ways to make your kitchen look clean and wider. That way, your kitchen can look more beautiful and neat.

The final step is the selection of the kitchen floor. Because the kitchen is identical to the wet floor, then use the floor tiles with a pattern of abusive or ply wood floor to avoid accidents while in the kitchen. It is very important especially if you have small children at home.

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Italian kitchen design

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Italian kitchen design involves creating a work friendly environment that’s equally as welcoming as it is effective. Italian kitchens therefore shouldn’t compromise on style or functionality. Whether you’re creating a modern kitchen design or a country kitchen design, the same set of rules apply for Italian kitchens.


Italian kitchens – style and functionality

A well crafted Italian kitchen design will be everything you’d expect from a nation synonymous with style – sleek surfaces and sharp features, built into a beautifully lit environment. Italian kitchen designs are immediately recognisable because of these features and it’s essential you stay true to them.

Contemporary Italian kitchens are primarily designed to be eye catching and ultra stylish, but that doesn’t mean they compromise on functionality and the basics of kitchen design. More traditional Italian kitchens have a rustic charm and are normally formed with warmer tones and materials but the same rules apply.

If you want a kitchen in your home based on the Italian principles of design, then it’s a good idea to start by thinking about what you use your kitchen for. By doing this you can determine the things you really need and start to eliminate the things you don’t.

Italian kitchen design is all about achieving tasteful lines so getting the right fittings is also essential. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consult with a number of companies to ensure you get the precise look you’re after.

By embracing these two simple ideas you can give yourself the best chance of achieving a bespoke, contemporary, Italian kitchen design.

We have more information on Italian kitchen design in the articles below and can also divert you to a number of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Italian kitchens.


New Kitchen design 1

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

New Kitchen design 1


Evolving without losing your origins and this is the case with the new kitchen L’Evoluzione. It frees the kitchen from classical structures and any imposition laid down by space, providing solutions that offer the practicality of the kitchen with all the atmosphere of the living zone.


The new dimensions of the furniture increase the height of the space that contains them, making them more similar to the furnishings in the living areas. In this way, the cabinets reach new, more rational heights, designed to avoid an ugly overlap of the suspended components. Large sliding doors, which can be made of glass or with the same finish as that of the rest of the kitchen, create alternating opening and closure movements that animate the space and become a distinguishing feature of it


Modern Italian Kitchen from Riva 1920 – Only_One unique kitchen design

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Modern Italian Kitchen from Riva 1920 – Only_One unique kitchen design


The Only_One unique kitchen design is a modern Italian kitchen from Riva 1920 that is fully customisable. Each kitchen that is produced is entirely unique – your selection of options will ensure your kitchen is the only one like it. Each element is thoughtfully planned with the customer’s needs in mind – you pick the right sizes, types of wood, worktop material (wood, stone, or stainless steel), and accessories. You can pick a classic recessed sink or a fabulous teak sink that comes in different sizes (small, medium and large). Teak is an unusual and eye-catching material for a sink, and due to its natural properties it is totally water-resistant. An Italian kitchen that can be stood against a wall or as an island or peninsular element, the Only_One is from Riva 1920.

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