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Transitional Open White Kitchen

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Transitional Open White Kitchen

A multi-functional kitchen was the name of the design game for designer Kerrie Kelly in this California home. By keeping the design modern and simple, the end result was a spacious, functional kitchen that allowed for food prep just as easily as entertaining friends and family.


What are people looking for when they redo their kitchens?

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Serra explains that people have different reasons for wanting to redo their kitchens, but that for the post part peope are looking for convenience as the motivating factor. Home cooks are looking for appliances that have convenient features, and “cabinet access and storage should also be convenient, and the kitchen design overall should be convenient to use and move around in.” It is important, according to Serra, that “the kitchen needs to perform as effortlessly as possible under various types of pressure – multiple cooks, entertaining, extended cooking sessions, social cooking and more. Homeowners seek to express themselves in a personal way in terms of aesthetics and function and have the confidence to do so more than ever.” Of course, she adds that homeowners are also looking to find “that sweet spot between good value and stylish products of good quality.”


Build your own kitchen cabinet – Instruction

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build  Kitchen cabinet yourself

There is almost nothing that a real craftsman could build yourself. Since the kitchen cabinet is no exception. But before you plunge into the cellar now and get the saw out of the closet, first of all, sit down in peace and make a plan. The material on the right tool to color there to remember much. To the Guide

Preparations for the construction of KITCHEN

Take a large sheet of paper and make a drawing of all parts needed for your kitchen cabinet. In the normal case, seven members and eleven parts with the corresponding screws on your sheet should paper drawn

1.The exact items for your kitchen cabinet should be: head and base plate, two side plates, a back wall, a door and a divider. As attachments should be present: two door closers, a grip, two small stops for the door, two wall hanger and four editions for the gallery floor.

2.If you have recorded all the components you need for the selberbauen, the individual building slabs and Miss mass. To do this you have behaved course advance level in the kitchen and know your wardrobe will be how big should.

3.The attachments can purchase AIE at the hardware store of your trust, just like the wood-based panels. The panels should consist of veneered chipboard, you can cut directly on the ground level. Don’t forget in head and base plate to allow a milling a slot. The Groove should be so wide that she can easily stop then give the back wall.

4.The back wall of the kitchen cabinet is strong cardboard, you buy in the hardware store and cut to allow two millimeters. To connect the individual parts of the kitchen, you need extra long wood screws with flat head. You will find the screws how should it be different in the hardware store of you trust.

5.If you together-have all the parts, you can enter the positions of the closer in the drawing next. Be sure to work carefully. The closer must be attached so that the door is not wrong hangs after installation.

6.Build the closet yourself

Take your base and the two side plates of your future Kitchen at hand. Now, you want to screw the side plates with the base. To drill into the side panels left and right eight millimeter hole. You do the same on the opposite side. The holes have to sit about middle ground or surface. This means that if you then put through a screw, which should hit right in the middle of the plate. These are how much millimeters, you can from the thickness of your plates measure

1.Have you drilled the holes, you can screw the sides with the base. Then slide the back wall in the slot provided for this purpose. Next, you put on the plate and screw them with the side plates. Fold up that is sitting back in the Groove at the plate.

2.To install the gallery floor, need to drill two equally high holes on the respective side plate. Drilling not quite through, only drill to. The requirements of floating floor then simply placed in the four holes and they can be the divider insert.

3.Next to draw the closer on a side wall and screw it. You do the same at the door. Insert the two attacks for the door towards the closer. Next draw on the door handle and screw him. Now your kitchen cabinet is already up and running. Should you want to hang the closet, still the hanger with two screws are attached to the back of the kitchen and ready.

4.This manual is used for the Selberbauen of a simple Kitchen. It is always possible to make more refinements.

You can insert as other separation trays or use other materials. No limit to the imagination.


Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Latest Design Trends

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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas. If you are in the market for a new and/or improved kitchen, you may be looking for some kitchen remodel ideas. We are all familiar with the traditional kitchens of hard wood and marble or tile flooring. We may have even been exposed to a kitchen full of stainless steel in a very contemporary home. But have you ever heard of an outdoor kitchen? Do you know the latest techniques in lighting? If not, here are the four latest trends in kitchen design and remodeling.


When internal living space is limited, and families continue to grow, it only makes sense to enlarge your home’s living area by expanding it to the next available space, the outdoors. The outdoors provides a comfortable and casual elegance for living rooms and exercise areas, and kitchens are the next room to expand outside. Of course, when designing and building an outdoor kitchen, appliances must be applicable for outside use, and heating and electrical concerns will need to be addressed. Outside kitchens can range from $2000-$20000.

Additional kitchen remodeling ideas include the “green kitchen” and a “live in kitchen”. A green kitchen is simply and eco-friendly version of the traditional kitchen. Green kitchens involve environmentally friendly materials for counters, cabinetry and floor covering, as well as energy saving lighting and appliances. A kitchen you can live in is a natural progression from the open area kitchen and family rooms seen in many homes today. Live in kitchens further incorporate comfort features, such as sofa’s, televisions and computer areas.

Newer lighting techniques are also an up and coming trend in kitchen re-designs. While natural light is the most coveted of all lighting options, this may not always be feasible based on the location of your kitchen. Recessed ceiling lighting provides an overall glow throughout the kitchen. Adding lighting beneath cabinetry not only provides extra light on your countertop workspace, but also creates an elegant touch. Track lighting is another option to provide optional lighting coverage. If you are interested in any of these new trends in kitchen design, a professional can assist you with discussing your design ideas in further detail.


Free Kitchen Design

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Free Kitchen Design – Free Online Kitchen Design Ideas, Kitchen Designs, Photos


This is a very effective use of cupboard space and kitchen lighting. With so much natural light coming in through the windows this homeowner can feel confident that using a dark stain on the cabinets will not make the space feel dark and gloomy. The walls, countertop and floor have all been done in neutral shades which is ideal if you are renovating for the purpose of selling.


In this kitchen photo, ultramodern design is stated with bold shapes and smooth textures, and is enhanced by the dramatic use of color. All are elements that can be incorporated into a small or large kitchen. Because the color in this kitchen has been limited to only a few surfaces, it can easily be changed if and when you are ready for a new color theme.


The ambient lighting in this kitchen design enhances the natural beauty of the woodgrain. The finishes have been kept tastefully simple for a coordinated and clean-lined effect. The combination of materials and the compact layout suggest a feeling of calm efficiency.


This French country kitchen design picture may make you think you’ve stepped back in time. (medieval time) It is vastly different from all of the previous kitchen design pictures and we’ve shown it simply to demonstrate that anything is possible. The size of this stove/cooktop is so impressive, it must be in a very large kitchen. Somehow a castle comes to mind. View more pictures of French country kitchens.


This beautiful designer kitchen with rich, detailed woodwork could be found in an estate home. It has a very traditional look that incorporates marble countertops, glass cabinet doors and architectural details like crown molding. Portions of the cabinetry have been made to look like furniture pieces. One peak at this kitchen and you want to know if the rest of the house is just as elegant.


Great ideas for remodeling your kitchen with modern design

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Remodeling or redesigning your kitchen should be fun and enjoyable. You can therefore completely change the look of your kitchen simply by changing the doors of your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets and complete kitchen remodeling have become some of the most popular do-it-yourself projects for homeowners. Kitchen cabinets can be made from dozens of woods including Oak, Maple, Pine, Cherry, Hickory, Poplar, Alder and Birch. There are three main types of kitchen cabinets: in-stock kitchen cabinets, semi-stock kitchen cabinets, and custom kitchen cabinets. The kitchen photos come from Scavolini as standard designs in their kitchen offerings.



Glass Cabinets

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Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets 

It’s time to show off those new wine glasses you got for Christmas.  Why hide them behind a solid cabinet door?  These days more and more homeowners are utilizing glass in their kitchen cabinets to reveal their fine china, glasses and other decorations.  Some styles include an all-glass door while others simply use glass insets built into the door.  The latter is commonly referred to as mullion doors.  Either way, it’s a good way to make use of the light coming into your kitchen and to give it more surfaces to bounce off of.  After all, if you spent so much money on your beautiful cookware and glassware, why hide it?  It’s time to show it off!  Start by getting some ideas on current designs and trends by watching the video by Cabinets TV to your left.

As you may have guessed, there are many options for you when it comes to glass cabinets.  The most important thing to consider is the type of glass itself that you’d like.  Do you want to be able to see through it clearly?  Do you want some sort of texture in the glass?  Perhaps stained glass or a specific design to match your kitchen decor?  All of these options are possible.  As long as the cabinet door is large enough to hold the glass insert you’d like, the design possibilities are endless.  To help you understand the glass options, we have provided a basic list for you below:

Types of Glass

  • Bubbled
    • Just like it sounds-air bubbles injected into the glass
  • Camed
    • Has strips of metal between the pieces of glass
  • Etched
    • Contains unique carved designs in the glass
  • Frosted
    • Looks like frost, makes the glass not as clear
  • Layered
    • Multiple panes of glass
  • Mullion
    • Has strips of wood between the pieces of glass
  • Textured
    • Choose from a variety of textures to accent, textures make the glass less see-thru
  • Stained Glass
    • Multiple design options here-choose colors, objects and designs you’d like in the glass

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of cabinet brands out there that offer extensive lines of glass cabinets.  To research the brand that is best for you, visit our Cabinet Brands section which will give you an overview of what each can offer.  Regardless of who you choose, remember that when it comes to designing the cabinets for your home remember to also keep in mind functionality.  If you have kids who have dirty hands, remember that a clear glass pane on a cabinet is going to show all of their finger prints.  Also, if you decide to go with a stained glass look with specific colors, it is advisable to choose neutral colors in case you’d like to change the overall look of your kitchen in the future.  If you choose wild colors in your glass and you’d like to tame them down a bit, you’ll need to get new glass inserts.  Pick a color or design that you’re comfortable with that and will last for years to come.

Need More Information About Glass Cabinets?

We offer Free Glass Cabinets Quotes from top contractors who are in your local area.  Let us help match you with a pro today to help you with your project.  The process is easy and there are no obligations to purchase.


White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

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White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets 

White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets,Unique Kitchen Cabinets,High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets
White high gloss,This generous design in White high gloss combined with Grey oak butcherblock repro brilliantly sets the scene. The elegant bar handles turn this kitchen into a real star.Foil coated postforming front, horizontal with polymer edge in front colour.
1) Dimensions, shapes, wood species, finishes and other specifications can be customized.
2) We have strong designing and manufacturing background, thus can provide unlimited number of styling options and implementations.
3) Door finish:Solid wood, bake painted, vinal wrap.
4) Countertop:Polymarble, granite (large selection).
5) Material:Melamine board.
6) Running gear:Top grade (made in China). Outer packing:Carton.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
Germany Kitchen Cabinets
Germany Kitchen Cabinets
Unique Kitchen Cabinets
Unique Kitchen Cabinets
Metal Kitchen Cabinets
Metal Kitchen Cabinets
Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets
Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

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Modern And Elegant Kitchen Designs by KBC

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It’s not always true that the kitchen is the heart of a house, but when you think that here’s where people tend to chit chat and by looking at these amazing kitchen designs — it got to be true. The talented designers at KBC have successfully created an exquisite new kitchen arrangement combining both simplicity and elegance as one. What’s best from their creations is that you don’t need to sacrifice functionality for that gorgeousness to nestle right inside your home. Bringing a whole different ambiance for each design, all models have one main similarity in concept by using a range of woods and lacquered finishes with a strong personality — like solid wood with gold or silver sanding and gloss or matt horizontal grain ebony. We’re completely sold!

Modern Kitchen Designs by KBC

Strikingly elegant and simple, the Unyca kitchen designs is a groundbreaking concept from Must Italia.These grand simple kitchens exhibit grace and style without sacrificing any of the practicality you’d expect. Large scale linear wooden units in a range of very different finishes dominate the room, providing loads of storage. Wall-mounted cupboards appear as pieces of art, their gorgeous doors hiding their true purpose.