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Kitchen, Meet Dining Room

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Old houses have lots of appeal, but frequently, their interior spaces could do with a contemporary revision. For this home in Seattle, architect Nicole Starnes Taylor needed to unite the disconnected kitchen and dining room to make the kitchen the heart of the house. Awkwardly placed doors and circulation paths wasted 75% of the potentially useful space in the kitchen and dining room area; reclaiming unused space was a viable solution and also more cost-effective than a kitchen addition. The existing kitchen needed work: The cabinets were too close to the countertops, lighting was poor, and windows were badly located. In the dining room, the only logical place for a table placed the table in a circulation path through the room. Also, the windows were badly placed. By knocking down an unused chimney between the kitchen and dining room and also removing a number of doors, Taylor connected the rooms visually and physically. The removal of a mudroom off the kitchen allowed the installation of French doors that, along with a new window over the sink, bring in plenty of natural light. A peninsula between the rooms acts as a perch space and permits circulation between the two rooms.

Modern Kitchen Ideas


How Much Does Kitchen Design Cost?

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Is your kitchen looking weary and worn? A new kitchen can revitalise the look and feel of your home and make it a much more functional space. The question is – how much does a new kitchen design cost? Find out the answers in this handy article.

Kitchen Design 101

Before building your kitchen, you’ll need to decide upon a design. There are myriad designs to choose from – minimalist, French country, Tuscan, art deco, rustic…the list goes on. If you’re in need of inspiration, you can browse images in our photo section for kitchen design ideas. 

Another design consideration is the kitchen layout. U-shape, L-shape and galley kitchens are the most common, and each possesses its benefits and drawbacks. Our article Kitchen Design Layout features some good tips for choosing a kitchen layout.


The Costs of Designing a Kitchen

The question of how much a kitchen design costs is similar to ‘how long is a piece of string’? This is because the kitchen design cost depends on the designer’s fees, your location and the kitchen you want designed.

Generally, however, the cost depends on whether you choose a ready-made kitchen or a customised kitchen.

A ready-made kitchen will tend to be less expensive than a customised variety. This is because the kitchen has already been designed (and often built) and – save for a few tweaks – can be installed into your space as is.

On the other hand, a customised kitchen will be created to your specific requirements. The colour, style, layout, carcass, cabinets, accessories and materials can all be designed to help you create your dream kitchen. Obviously this will take time to design, and as such will cost much more than a ready-made kitchen. While the cost of hiring a kitchen designer will add extra dollars to your budget, it can be worth it to ensure you receive the ideal kitchen for your space and preferences.

It is difficult to calculate the cost of your kitchen design, since the designer will need to assess the space and requirements. If you want a more unique or contemporary style, the quote is likely to be higher.

As a general guide, you can expend to spend a few thousand dollars for a kitchen design.

Comparing Kitchen Design Quotes

Since it’s difficult to estimate the cost of a new kitchen design, the best thing to do is contact kitchen designers to get quotes. With our free Get Quotes service, all you need to do is outline your project and designers will reply to you with their estimates.

Ensure you find out what is included in the quote, and what it will cost to weak or deviate from the original design. Some designers offer additional services, so check if this is included in the quote.

You’re then one step closer to creating your dream kitchen!


Eco Kitchen – A Green, Energy Efficient, Sustainable Kitchen

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

The kitchen is an important place in everyone’s life, as it is the space in which people prepare and consume food daily. These are strong arguments to understand that, in this part of the housing, it is important and necessary to combine beauty with a healthy environment; this can be done by adopting a kitchen in an eco-friendly style.


This style can be applied to fitting a new kitchen or in retooling the existing one. An ecologic kitchen focuses on the sustainability of the products and the materials and chemicals used as well as their subsequent recycling opportunities.

This futuristic Green Cuisine, inspired from the Japanese Teppanyaki cooking and serving style, helps you reduce significantly the energy consumption and make waste management optimum. Read the rest of this entry »


Fitted Kitchen Design Advice

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Fitted Kitchen Design Advice

If you’re planning a fitted kitchen design and aren’t completely sure about what to choose then here are some really useful things to keep in mind.


Firstly, start by writing down what you want from your kitchen. For example, do you do a lot of cooking? If so, what appliances do you use the most and how would it most suit you to have things arranged? There’s no point having an excellent looking fitted kitchen if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Once you’ve decided the things you need in your ideal kitchen and where you’d like everything to be located you can then start to think about the theme. The theme will dictate what kind of fitted furniture you have installed. For instance if you go for a contemporary theme, then you’ll probably have more sleek finishes that create a very clean image. A country kitchen design on the other hand will be much more homely and employ wooden surfaces and cupboards.

By taking these things into consideration you’ll be in a much better position for when you eventually look around for your new kitchen. It also means that you won’t be easily persuaded by salespeople to accept the first suggestion they come up with.

Remember, a fitted kitchen design shouldn’t just be easy on the eye; it should also be functional and allow you to go about your day to day lives that little bit easier. It’s amazing just how many people get this wrong and end up with a kitchen that they never want to use because things haven’t been thought out properly. Doing your homework early on in a design can have a monumental effect on the success of your fitted kitchen.

Toby Beckett is a kitchen design guru who publishes his thoughts, opinions and advice on kitchen design at the KBC Kitchen Design Site.


Modern Italian Kitchen from Riva 1920 – Only_One unique kitchen design

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Modern Italian Kitchen from Riva 1920 – Only_One unique kitchen design


The Only_One unique kitchen design is a modern Italian kitchen from Riva 1920 that is fully customisable. Each kitchen that is produced is entirely unique – your selection of options will ensure your kitchen is the only one like it. Each element is thoughtfully planned with the customer’s needs in mind – you pick the right sizes, types of wood, worktop material (wood, stone, or stainless steel), and accessories. You can pick a classic recessed sink or a fabulous teak sink that comes in different sizes (small, medium and large). Teak is an unusual and eye-catching material for a sink, and due to its natural properties it is totally water-resistant. An Italian kitchen that can be stood against a wall or as an island or peninsular element, the Only_One is from Riva 1920.

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