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KBC wardrobe

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

At KBC Kitchens we believe in utilizing all available space in the most efficient way. With this in mind, we design each wardrobe to suit your requirements. Drawing from a wide range of materials, we can offer an endless range wardrobe of styles. With a wide variety of matt vinyl, high gloss and bespoke solid timber doors we can carter for every client’s requirements. We also manufacture sliding wardrobes, with an endless list of panel options, including mirror, tinted glass, painted glass, high gloss panels, moulded vinyl panels, veneered wood panels etc… or any mixture of the above. Please contact our sales representatives for further information.



Is a Built in Wardrobe Costly or Cost effective?

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

Every bedroom requires a wardrobe of some type. These wardrobes can be built-in to the room, or they can be standalone units. Both types will serve their purpose admirably, and each type has inherent advantages and disadvantages. If cost is an issue, however, the stand-alone unit stands head and shoulders above the built-in construction.

One of the benefits of having a built in wardrobe is the flexibility offered in its initial design and construction. The storage layout can be customized to have adequate space for hanging clothing, shelving for storing accessories, and drawers for folded items. This custom storage space will be tailored to fit your unique storage needs. Of course this customization comes at a cost.

This cost can be quite high, depending upon how complex are the storage arrangements included in the wardrobe’s design. If you add the cost of installation to the cost of the wardrobe itself, you could be talking of a financial outlay that could easily be double the cost of similar standalone wardrobe arrangements. Nonetheless, without regard to the cost, the finished wardrobe will undoubtedly be a superbly organized storage system that enhances the look and feel of the bedroom.

When cost is a factor, consider the storage options and benefits of a standalone wardrobe. These standalone units are available with a broad selection of storage configurations. The volume that is dedicated to hanging space, shelving, and drawers can be varied to suit the storage needs for most people. The space available for hanging clothing may not be as great as would be available in a built in wardrobe, but some designs offer hanging space that is quite generous. The price of standalone units, to some extent, is also under the control of the buyer depending upon the type of wood and design complexity selected.

If your storage requirements cannot be readily satisfied by a standard wardrobe ready on the showroom floor, these wardrobes can be custom built to your specifications. You merely have to select a wardrobe design style, select the wood that which to have used, and choose an interior layout that meets your storage requirements. A custom designed pine standalone wardrobe can be quite affordable, certainly less costly than a built-in unit.

Standalone wardrobes do permit more flexibility in the functional layout of a bedroom. Obviously, you can reposition the wardrobe anywhere in the room that seems suitable, and can change that room layout whenever you please. A built in wardrobe, on the other hand, sets limits upon room layout with all furniture placements being secondary to the built in unit’s dominance.

While standalone wardrobes can be shipped completely assembled, one can have them delivered in modular or kit form that requires assembly in the home. There may be some cost savings realized by assembling the unit yourself, and no special tools would be required. You should consider if the cost savings realized is enough to offset not having the manufacturer maintaining responsibility for the quality of the assembly.

Installing a built-in wardrobe can be a complex and time consuming process, especially if you are not experienced in the home construction profession. It would seem prudent to have installation done by a professional installer.

Pine Wardrobe 


Two Door Wardrobes – the Traditional Standard pine wardrobe

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

If you’re thinking about getting your first pine wardrobe, you may wish to consider the benefits of a traditional two-door unit. Two door wardrobes, which are manufactured in a number of different design styles to suit every taste, have been favorites over the centuries. Many storage configurations are available straight from the factory.

Antique Wardrobe Cabinet 

Standard designs are both functional and versatile, providing you with space to store your clothing along with your valued accessories. Most two-door wardrobes are configured with space dedicated for hanging clothes, drawers for storing folded clothes and underwear, and shelves for storing accessories and heavier items such as sweaters.

Before you make a purchase decision, make sure that your bedroom can accommodate the selected wardrobe with a proper sense of scale. If you have a small room, a smaller wardrobe would be preferable. If you need more space despite the room’s small size, you might consider a larger wardrobe with mirrored surfaces to provide you with the storage you need while the mirrors make the room appear larger. Just be sure that the wardrobe is not so large as to restrict you ability to move around.

After you have determined that the room is large enough to support the size of the wardrobe that you have selected, you can decide exactly what style of two-door wardrobe suits your personal design taste. Are you a traditionalist who prefers the elegance intricate carvings on your furniture, or one who prefers the conventional and unassuming ambience offered by a white painted wardrobe? Perhaps you’re flamboyant enough to add to the glamour of the bedroom by introduction a fully mirrored two-door wardrobe.

Don’t be a shopper who simply looks, decides, and buys. Take the time to thoroughly inspect the wardrobe that you wish to buy. Make sure that the doors hang properly, are aligned properly when closed, and open and close without sticking. Make sure that all joints are solid and clean, with no adhesive residue visible. Check that all shelves are level and, if adjustable, can be moved easily. Check that all drawers open and close easily. Ensure that all hardware is in place and properly seated.

Don’t settle for a storage configuration that does not meet all of you requirements. Two door wardrobes can be purchased with only space for hanging clothes, or can be found with different sized areas for both hanging clothes and storing them in drawers.

When you purchase your unit, make sure that you have done all of your homework. A fine high-quality two-door wardrobe is an investment in a piece of furniture that should last a lifetime. It may be destined to become a family heirloom. Take all the time you need to ensure that the storage capability and the appearance are exactly what you need so that you will enjoy the wardrobe for decades to come.