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Thematic Ideas For Your Bathroom Design

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

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When thinking of a new bathroom design, go with themes. This is the easiest way to achieve an interior design project. Here are just some of the most distinct and popular bathroom themes.


Mediterranean design is innately luxurious. It mainly consists of arches and curves, which add instant elegance to any home. Countertops, windows and archways should be soft, curved and pleasing in appearance.

Materials and accents: Choose natural materials. Marble would be great for your flooring, fixtures and countertops. Wrought iron and ceramics are almost essential in any Mediterranean theme. You can simply place wrought iron candleholders and earthenware by your fixtures and windows.

Color: Choose bright, bold colors such as canary yellow and cobalt blue. You can use these colors on one or more walls. You can also use colorful accents, mosaic tiles and Rustic paint finish.


Country style is all about warmth and comfort. This means you’d want some texture and homeliness in your bathroom design. Most of this should come from natural material.

Materials and accents: Wood has natural textures and patterns that make a bathroom nice and cozy. Install wooden steps on the side of your built-in bathtub. Or, you can replace your bathtub with an old-style claw-foot tub. You can also choose to go with a wooden countertop. Use wicker baskets or wooden pegs for your towels. Glass jars are very country and functional as well. You can store cotton balls and Q-tips in them.

Color: For this theme, depend on the natural color of your materials. Since wood comes in a variety of shades and patterns, you have lots of choices. You can have rich, darker colors from mahogany, lighter colors from elm and exquisite patterns from cocobolo wood.


Zen is all about harmony and spiritual stillness. You’d want your bathroom to be relaxing and uplifting. This means more space and less bold elements.

Materials and accents: You can choose any material as long as they balance each other out. For instance, hard stone tile flooring should be complimented with soft, fluffy rugs.  A warm, traditional wooden backdrop can contrast a cold stainless steel showerhead. If you have a square countertop, pair it with a round mirror.

Color: Color combinations should also be balanced. For instance, dark-colored natural stone flooring can be matched with lighter and smoother wall tiles. But whichever colors you wish to contrast, stick to muted or faint ones like pale green. Bold colors can be distracting.


Modern design is all about functionality. So fixtures generally serve more than one purpose. In fact, designers today are already merging function and design to give you the best of both worlds.

Materials and accents: Modern materials include stainless steel, glass and fiberglass. Stainless steel is extremely durable while glass and fiberglass is very easy to clean. An elegantly arched steel spout can act as a piece of sculpture in your bathroom. A round, glass sink over your countertop makes a very interesting focal point. Your shower enclosure can be made entirely of fiberglass to give your whole bathroom the illusion of space.

Color: Take advantage of any color to add more personality. You can have a plain tile wall with a few brightly colored tiles to add interest. Or, you can have an all-black or all-white backdrop with colorful accents/fixtures to go against it.

As you can see, planning your bathroom design with a theme in mind is a lot of fun. Themes also make shopping for fixtures and accessories so much easier. Google bathroom themes for more ideas.

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