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Bathtubs in Modern Bathrooms

posted by Kitchen & Bathroom Designer

When designing small bathrooms, the bathtub becomes the most prominent feature and should be considered first. Place the fixture end of a recessed or built-in bathtub on an inside wall. You can then have a removable panel in the wall so you can easily repair pipes. Standard size bath tubs for modern bathrooms vary in dimensions and layout options. Built-in tubs without a wide rim are usually 30 inches in width, while with a wide rim they are 36 inches wide. The length is 5 to 6 feet long, and fit into less space than a tub on legs or free standing tub. Moreover, there are no exposed pipes. Regardless of the type of vanity or sink you choose for your bathroom design, it is important to have it at a height that is right for most members of your family. You can place a wall hung sink at whatever height is best.

Bathtubs in Modern Bathrooms