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KBC Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry Customer Download

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    Kitchen & Bath Products

    KBC And Mier Kitchen & Bath Cabinets, Wardrobes & Closets Products

    Wardrobe Closet

    Wardrobe Closet,China Wardrobe Cabinets,Barbie Wardrobe Closet,Cedar Wardrobe Closet,Closet Wardrobe 1) Made from high-quality e1 particleboards with melamine finish and PVC band 2) Drawers,trousers hanging,tie shelves and all functional accessories availale for closet. 3) High durability, easy care, safe for daily wear and tear 4) Modern, simple, stylish and sophisticated design 5) Competitive pricing, reliable delivery ...>>more
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    Garderobes,Garderobe Cabinets,China Garderobe,Traditional Wardrobe,Wood Garderobes,Wardrobe Closet 1. Carcass: 18mm HMR/plywood/melamine board/MDF/solid wood 2. Door: MDF with bake painting, plywood with bake painting, high glossy pvc, MDF with UV painting in both sides (color can be changed) 3. With strong designing background, OEM orders are welcomed. Welcome you to contact us for details. 4. Dimensions, shapes, wood species and other specifications can be customized. 5. Hardware: Running gea ...>>more
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    Living Room Wardrobe

    Living Room Wardrobe,Bedroom Wardrobes,Living Room Wardrobes,China Bedroom Wardrobes Material: Wooden  Size: Double Door  Style: Modern  Hotel FurnituresHigh quality and dried woodFashion design by Italy designers130 sets in total.including doors,sofas,beds,writing tables,writing desks,wall panels,night stands,wordrobe,vanity,and so on,we finished within one month and exported in Jan,2008.this is for the Greece Customer ,and made of Tulip wood with MDF as the basical material.all ...>>more
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    Buy Wardrobes

    Buy Wardrobes,Living Room Wardrobe,European Design Wardrobe,Buy Wardrobe,China Buy Wardrobes Material: Wooden  Style: Modern  Size: Double Door  Color: all wardrobe ( cloth wardrobe , bedroom furniture )1 Carcase:18mm chipboard2 Hardware: Our company also can offer all necessary hardware such as drawer slides, knobs, handles, hinges and shelf pins (local) specific brands such as Blum, Hettich or same grade also available (optional).3 Dimensions, shapes, wood species, finishe ...>>more
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    Overbed Wardrobes

    Overbed Wardrobes,Modern Wardrobes,Overbed Wardrobe,Wood Wardrobes,Storage Wardrobes Style: Modern  Appearance: elegant  Material: MDF  Bedroom : 1. Features:Dimensions (L x W x H): wardrober: 700X460x1130mm2. Material: MDF and Paper cover3. Surface disposal:Semi-gloss lacquer4. Customized manufacture and OEM services are available ...>>more
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    Designer Wardrobes

    Designer Wardrobes,Designer Wardrobe Cabinets,Design Wardrobes,Wardrobe Designs,China Wardrobes Style: Modern  Appearance: elegant  Material: MDF  Bedroom : 1. Features:Dimensions (L x W x H): wardrober: 700X460x1130mm2. Material: MDF and Paper cover3. Surface disposal:Semi-gloss lacquer4. Customized manufacture and OEM services are available ...>>more
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    Wardrobe Cabinets

    Wardrobe Cabinets,Wardrobe Storage Cabinets,Discontinued Leksvik Wardrobe Cabinet,Wardrobe Cabinet Material: Wooden  1,introduction:400 sets furnitures for Greece hotel2,material:MDF with tulip solid wood veneer3,finish:NC and PU paint4,package:KD or assembly.5,cartons: PE foam and 5-7 layered cardboard export carton,with the corner protecors made from folded 3ply corrugated cardboard. ...>>more
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    Corner Wardrobe

    Corner Wardrobe,Corner Wardrobes,China Corner Wardrobe,Corner Wardrobe Cabinet,80's Wardrobe Style: Modern  Material: MDF  Configuration: exquisite  Purpose: durable  Wardrobe: 1. Features:Dimensions (L x W x H): Wardrobe:2770X630X2230mm2. Material: MDF and Paper cover3. Surface disposal: flashlight lacquer4. Customized manufacture and OEM services are available ...>>more
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    Sindy Wardrobe

    Sindy Wardrobe,Bedroom Wardrobe,Wardrobes Sindy,Wardrobe Shelving,Sindy Wardrobes,Wardrobe Cabinet Wardrobe easy design of 7ds wardrobe1-  Material           MDF+ Gloss Paints2-  2ds wardrobe       Size     800*600*2250    /    Packing    2 pcs/ctn     3ds wardrobe      Size   1200*600*2250 &n ...>>more
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    Ikea Wardrobe

    Ikea Wardrobe,Oak Wardrobe,Ikea Wardrobes,Wardrobe Ikea,Triple Wardrobes,Cheap Wardrobes This is grand wardrobe. Aluminum material can be cut by your design,and it can be cliped 18mm thickness of MDF. Features:1) The deatail sizes can be made by ordres.2) The wood veneers are in 18mm thickness.3) the shelf can be moved according to your want ...>>more
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    Wardrobe Cabinet

    Wardrobe Cabinet,Wardrobe Cabinets,China Wardrobe Cabinet,Wardrobe Closet Cabinet,Cabinet Wardrobe 1) This item can be design according to your room space and your drawing2) The accessories can be chosen by clients' needs 3) Materials: a) Panel:  Melamine MDF or PBb) Hanger pipe: aluminum alloy 4)Packing :*flat packing with installation direction ,            *carton box for the  panel and accessories     &nbs ...>>more
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    Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

    Kitchen Cabinet Organizers,Kitchen Cabinet Organizer,China Kitchen Cabinet Organizers,Online Kitchen 1.Door:imported MFC (6 piece)              glass with aluminium frame(2piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with wood grain color(material and color are optional)                   size:(w)2300*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stone  size:( ...>>more
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    European Cabinet Designs

    European Cabinet Designs,European Kitchen Cabinet Designs,European Kitchen Cabinets,European Kitchen 1.Door:white lacquered (10piece)     red lacquered (6 piece)  2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)             size:(w)2800*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stone  size:(w)2820*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)&nb ...>>more
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    China Kitchen Cabinets

    China Kitchen Cabinets,China Kitchen Cabinet,Chinese Kitchen Cabinets,China Kitchen Furniture 1.Door:white lacquered(11piece)  glass door(2piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)             size:(w)2820*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stoneM1001   size:(w)2860*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)      ...>>more
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    Armstrong Kitchen Cabinets

    Armstrong Kitchen Cabinets,Armstrong Kitchen Cabinet,Armstrong Kitchen Cabinets Canton Michigan 1.Door:Vinyl(26piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)             size:(w)3200*(h)700*(d)580;    (w)2600*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stone    size:(w)5840*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)   &nb ...>>more
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    Corner China Cabinet

    Corner China Cabinet,Corner China Cabinets,China Corner Cabinets,Corner Kitchen Cabinets 1.Door:light green lacquered (12piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)1650*(h)700*(d)580 ;   (w)1500*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stone M1001   size:(w)3770*(h)700*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)1700*(h)700*(d)3505.Kick board:height 100Many kinds of ...>>more
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    Unique Kitchen Cabinets

    Unique Kitchen Cabinets,Unique Kitchen Cabinet,Unique Kitchen Furniture,Kitchen Unique Cabinets 1.Door:Vinyl(23 piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)  size:(w)3760*(h)700*(h)580;     (w)2420*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stone   size:(w)5540*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)  size:(w)1050*(h)700*(d)350;    (w)1650*(h)700*(d)3505.Tall pantr ...>>more
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    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets,Discount Kitchen Cabinets,Wholesale China Kitchen Cabinet,Kitchen Cabinet 1.Door:Quartz door with aluminium frame(8piece)    Vinyl door(2piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with grey color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)2200*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top: Artificial stone       size:(w)2240*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with grey color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)2400*(h)700*(d)3 ...>>more
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    Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

    Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets,Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinet,Refacing Kitchen Cabinets,Kitchen Cabinets 1.Door:white lacquered(10piece)   glass with aluminium frame ( 4piece)2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)3300*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stone M1007   size:(w)3340*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)   size:(w)1840*(h)700*(d)3505.Kick board:height ...>>more
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    Remodel Kitchen Cabinets

    Remodel Kitchen Cabinets,Remodel Kitchen Cabinet,Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets,Quality Kitchen Cabinet 1.Door:Black lacquered(9piece)    Moonlight White(2piece)  2.Base cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)             size:(w)3150*(h)700*(d)5803.Counter top:Artificial stoneM1001  size:(w)3150*(h)50*(d)5804.Upper cabinets:16mmMFC with white color(material and color are optional)size:( ...>>more
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